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pic vs port cath for chemo


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Hi. One of my best friend's mom was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They want to put in a pic instead of a port cath for chemo b/c they said there is less chance of an embolism and does not require anasthesia.

My own experience is from my mom and her port cath. I know she liked it. I am just curious if anyone here has a pic for chemo; or if anyone has knowledge of the difference.


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Well the port would be best but it sounds like they have a sound reason for using the picc line instead.

Ports being under the skin have a lower risk of infection. Picc lines are outside and are accessed on the upper arm. They need care in that the dressing must be changed weekly etc whereas with a port it just needs to be flushed periodically when not in use.

Here's my helpful hint: make sure they stitch the picc line to her arm. If not, they are easily caught and pulled and then you have to have it put in all over again. I had a picc line for an infection last year and found out the hard way why they should be stitched in place.

I wish her luck!

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I never have had either a port or a picc, but when I was going to get chemo, my onc said that if the veins became an issue, they would put in a picc. It's more temporary than a port, more easily installed and removed, and yes, it does require more care, but it is not intended to be there for months and months and months like a port can be.

I would guess that the picc is the choice when they know there is a definate end in sight for chemo, and not much chance of starting it again any time soon.


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