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update on my husband from nancy c.

nancy c

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:) we went to the doctor-he sent him to the hospital; ultrasound of his lower legs were done and it was negative; cat scan to be done this week also; blood work was done-it is ok so far-dr is stopping his avastin and tarceva for awhile and giving him time to rebuild his strenght(a month or so) and hopefully he will be ok for our daughter's wedding. thank you for your concern and will keep you updated. dr was not happy we didn't call him friday when mike had the 102 temperature even though that was mike's choice. that won't happen again. it's in my hands and the dr.'s now. we are looking out for his best interest. he finally realizes how sick he was after talking to the dr. god bless,nancy

p.s. he is on a duiretic now for fluid retention

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I'm so glad you got him to the doctor and I'm hoping that the swelling is starting to come down with the diuretics. That ankle and feet swelling can be very serious.

We worry so much about our beloved men, don't we? I just wish they would worry as much about themselves. Maybe they do but they're just afraid to know the truth. I can understand that, though. I think we all are that way at times.

Prayers to you and hubby,


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