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Did I dream this?


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Funny you should mention that. Lucie's leg pain as she has undergone radiation this time was subsiding and then all of a sudden, the pain got worse. The rad onc said that sometimes when the radiation is low dose over a long period, like her present treatment, that this happens. The pain gets worse before it gets better. We shall see. Hoping that is true. Don

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Although my pain got less as the tumor shrunk, I could see that pain could happen if the "excess" presses on a nerve. In my case I still have pain from time to time and it's caused by the" excess, left over stuff" pressing on nerves near my spine. But the pain is much, much less than before. I think it might be a very individual, case by case basis.


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asked the first doc why i had more pain after the first chemo treatment than before i knew i had cancer. he said, the cancer could be growing, or it could be shrinking or the tube they put in my chest to drain the pleural fluid could have caused scar tissue. So the docs don't know the answers. Some times when there is an injury to the skin though, the itching and pain as it heals is bothersome. perhaps the same idea for this. praying for you to feel better. pammie.

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