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bad luck


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A man had been in a coma for month's after being seriously injured and his ever faithful companion his loving wife sat with him day and night determined to be loyal to the end.

One day to every one's surprise the man awoke from his coma and when first seeing his wife began talking quite freely. He looked at his wife's loving eyes and she looked into his and began telling him how much she loved him and stood by him..

She than began to tell him about all the time's he had been seriously hurt and how she was alway's there for him. She told of the time he almost shot and killed himself while cleaning his gun, also the time he broke his back when he fell out of the tree while pruning it. And so it went on and on when finally he looked at her and said I WANT A DIVORCE" the wife quite in shock to his remark asked him why and he responded ALL MY INJURIES PROVE THAT BEING MARRIED TO YOU IS BAD LUCK....

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