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The Mountain Song

Donna G

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Yesterday was such a GREAT DAY . I was on the panel of lung cancer survivors! We had brkfast, several doctors speaking on lung cancer , lunch, several nurses speaking on lung cancer, vendors with lots of free give away stuff, then I and two other survivors got to share our story and answer question.

I brought home a vcr tape on survivorship. At the end was this song, so hopeful and inspiring. Hope you enjoy. Love to find it for you with the peppy music

http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/vertical ... nsong.html

Donna G

another site:

http://www.lyricsfreak.com/v/vertical-h ... 44026.html

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Hi Donna,

Glad it all went well :lol: !!! Those lyrics are really very emotional! I think I should already know this - for I remember you posting a while ago that you were doing this - but just where was this taking place AND when you told your story and answered questions who was listening? Boy, sure wish I could have been there to tell my story!

I am sure you did an exceptional job and made us all proud :wink: !!!!!!!!!


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You have asked where and who was listening.

The continuing education program for Onocology Nurses "Lung Cancer: Exploring the Continuum of Care" was held in the International Room at Fairview Southdale Hospital here in the Twin Cities.

There were over 100 nurses there who care for us in hospitals, clinics, assist at radiation sites.

The Program included -

Dr Rousey....Overview of Lung Cancer

Dr. Jacque.....Diagnosing, Staging, Treatment of Lung Cancer:The role of the Thoracic Surgeon.

Dr Andrade....Minimally Invasive Surgery in Lung Cancer.

Dr. Kratzke...Treatment for Locally Advanced Lung Cancer

Dr Diaz....Radiation Therapy for Brain Metastases: Whole Brain RT&/or Radiosurgery.

Also these RNs spoke

Teri Kast..Management of Obstructive Endobronchial Lesions

Michele O'Brien....Malignant Pleural Effusions

and Dr Fu spoke of Smoking Cessation.

Last 2:45 there was the Survivor presentation myself, a neat guy W. Bill who was 77, Stage IV and a 27 month survivor who never smoked and is in the Guenise Book of Records for running a marathon on all continents including Antartica! He says he was exposed to diesel fumes for over 40 years, and a women who quit smoking 20 yrs ago, and after an open and close surgery and being told by the surgeon to get her affairs in order for she was going to be dead , went for a 2nd opinion, 7 yrs ago , had chemo, surgery and now is friends with NED!

After we summarized our stories they asked questions, then W. Bill sang " Leroy Brown"!

Bet that was more than you wanted to know, o well, it was great. Donna G

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WOW!!!! I am more than impressed. What a wonderful experience. I would have loved to hhave heard a couple of those speakers - all of them, I suppose. The survivor stories sound incredible - especially that one woman!

Glad you could be a part of it, Donna. You are certainly an inspiration and such an advocate. Thank you!


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Thank you for sharing your day Donna, it was certainly was a success!!!

The lyrics are wonderful, I wish I could hear the music.

Take care... Way to go Girl!!


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