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First Lady Laura Bush Smokes???

Connie B

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Did anyone else here this on the TV yesterday that our First Lady (Laura Bush) smokes? I heard it Yesterday on the TV. Someone reported that she is a smoker. Not that's it a biggy, but I was just wondering if I was the only one that heard that.

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I did a google search and there's a lot of hits about it.

Laura Bush Smokes

She's so busted--

USA Today article, noting her past smoking until 'about 8 years ago'--the article is from 2000, so the quitting nicely coincides with her husbands gubernatorial run.


I am in some ways surprised, but Connie don't we know the nicest grammer school teacher we lost last year to lung cancer?

We all know many very nice , good people, even nurses ( huh, huh,) who were addicted to cigarettes. Donna G

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Oh I'm sorry if I sounded like I was knocking her for being a smoker! NO NO NO NO NO NO Not what I meant!! I was somewhat surprised when I heard that is all. If I was a first lady :roll: and had all that pressure, I might smoke, drink, GOD KNOWS what else too!!!! :lol:

I try VERY HARD NOT to judge those of us who smoked or continue to smoke. The shame and guilt at times is overwhelming to live with for some. We ALL do things once or twice in our lives that we're not always proud of.

I also wonder how Kara Kennedy (who was dx.d with SCLC, daughter of Ted Kennedy) is doing?? She was dx.d a couple of years ago. Although she never wanted it out in the media. She was 42 at the time.

Yep Donna, we know the BEST PEOPLE who use to smoke. They were the GREATEST! And of course us who QUIT smoking, we're pretty darn good too!!! :wink::wink: And the great people who are trying to quit smoking are just as Awesome as the rest of us.

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Well, Connie, I'm so glad you're back on the board, shaking things up a bit in your charming way! (I mean this with affection, absolutely).

What I sort of like about the Bushes is their human-ness. "W" used to be a partier, drinker, now he's totally on the wagon, but admits to his past digressions and what he learned from them.

Laura sneaks a smoke every now and then. I hope that's the extent of it . . . but it makes her pretty human.


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Thanks Karen for the welcome back! It's good to be back!

Yep, we're ALL HUMAN aren't we????!!!

I just think in my HUMBLE OPINION, that this shouldn't be the Place (LCSC) to come and cut down people who smoked, or smoke. :? Far be it for me to pass judgement! :wink:

Best wishes to all,

Connie B.

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According to the article Mrs. Bush has advocated for Breast Cancer Research.

How about we all write to her and ask her to shine her light on Cancerous Tumors that grow inside the chest. (Wasn't it our Sandy S. who wrote a letter to someone about how different the attitude is when the tumors are 4 inches outside the chest?)

Just a thought...

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