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My Mother


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Hey all:

Yesterday my Mom was out mowing the lawn and telling me that her strength is coming back....BIG TIME!! How awesome, I am so happy for her, but insecure at the same time watching the crappy news so many have had on the board.

Should I be paranoid??

Praying for you all,


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That is great news! I'm so happy for her and for you! Like Katie I don't think you should be paranoid. Take the time to enjoy each and every moment with her and hold her close.

You have to believe that everything is going to be okay in order to stay sane. Prayers for her continued recovery.


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Wow! That's wonderful news...both that she is able to mow the lawn, and feels like doing so. LOL

Don't be paranoid. Be vigilant. Be very vigilant. And if anyone gives her a hard time about it tell them it's HER intent to live long, and that they can be a part of that effort by being proactive.

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I forgot to mention something. She needs to make certain she is wearing appropriate respiratory protection while working in the yard. For people with "normal" pulmonary systems and immune systems the micro-organisms in the soil and on plants are not a big threat. But for folks like your Mom and me (folks who have a history of any lung disease and immune system disease) we need to take extra precautions. Wear waterproof gloves under leather gloves. Wear a particulate matter respirator, and if she is going to be spraying anything on the plants the respirator should be effective against organic vapors as well.

I know...sounds like it takes all the fun out playing in the dirt. But there is nothing fun about picking up a mycobaterial infection or fungal infection of the Lung(s) or skin because we didn't take extra precautions when we needed to.

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