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My good news


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Hello All,

Just wanted to post some good news on this board.

I am currently at home for a 6-8 week recovery period following a lower right lobectomy for a 2.5 cm tumor staged 1a with no mets. Surgery was completed on 4/20/05. Home from hospital on 4/26/05. Received a call from my surgeon on 4/28/05 telling me surgery was very successful removing the cancer with no lymph node involvement and no signs of cancer anywhere. Also informed me I do not need chemo or radiation due to the 1a staging. Visited my oncologist on Monday and he concurred...no chemo or radiation. Everything looks good. What a relief. The past 2 months have been the worst of my life. Too much stress, anxiety, and fear. Right now I consider myself a survivor although I will always have it in the back of my mind that it can re-occur at some point. Scan times will be very nerve wracking and stressful. I know there has been studies about the 1a staging and some say to get the chemo and others say it is of no benefit. Well I have decided to take my chances and not get it and hope for the best. From what I have read it increased survival by only 4%.

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on this site for their prayers and continued support during this very trying time in my life. I'm not a very religious person but spiritual yes and I do believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking. I feel I have been given a second chance. I will still monitor this site often and offer my support and prayers to others suffering from this dreadful disease. Here's hoping for a cure real soon and God bless each and everyone of you out there. I am a very grateful for this site and the support I have received over the past two months.


Bill in PA

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What great news for you! I hope your recovery is speedy, and pages turning on the calendar will help your peace of mind as well. We all understand when you say this has been the worst months of your life, we really do. May you have nothing but good news here on out.


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Way to go Bill!! :mrgreen:

Iam so glad you posted as I was wondering how the operation and the testing of your lymph nodes went. That is the best news, you must be estastic.!!

Best of luck in all you do in the future.

Feel free anytime to come back to post to say "hi" or to help give support to other people who are scared.



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Way to go Bill.. I will buy you an ice cream cone...what flavor?

Congratulations on your decision regarding further treatment. That is a tough one. I am confident that you made the right choice for yourself.

You are right about the scan times...they can be nerve wracking. But, we get through it with each other's help. We all understand. The rest of society may not be quite so understanding. How often will you be scanned? I am up to four months now, from every three months for the first two years.

It was a pleasure getting to know you. You are a special man. I am confident that because of your experience with your lung cancer that there will be many that you will be able to help one way or another.

Hope to see you around, Bill. (I feel like I am releasing a baby bird who has hardened wings...!)

Cindi o'h

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That is great news. In case you have never heard of this there is a clinical trial for selenium.

It is basically a study to see if Selenium will reduce any recurrance (Not saying that you will have any, since the chances are good that you wont)

It is randomized, but the study will hopefully futher cancer research. Maybe something to check out. Also it is a Phase III, so it is probably safe.

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 85?order=1

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I am so glad to hear your news! Congratulations! I will be facing the same decision, whether to have chemo or not. I have not seen an oncologist yet. It will be a hard decision for me to make. My surgeon told me that he wouldn't have the chemo. I'll have to wait and see what the onc says. Good Luck to you... keep in touch....

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Thanks all.

And Kasey, what makes you think I cannot follow the Dr's orders????? You are right...Typical stubborn man !!!It is somewhat difficult but I'm trying.. By the way, nice pic of you and your dog...looks just like a full shepard. What's his/her name? Also I will never leave this site. Too many great people have given me so much support and prayers during my ordeal. I would like to give some back if I can.


You need to post your good news on this site also. It is really great to see some "Good News" posts. I think it gives all of us hope. Don't know if you read my other posts but my onc, after telling me I do not need chemo, is going to a national Oncologists conference on the 13th and he said he will find out the latest on stage 1a chemo or not. I meet with him on the 16th. I will let you know what he has to say. Although he did say he doesn't expect any major change and he feels his recommendation for me not to have chemo will remain the same when he returns.

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Hi Bill, Congratulations. It's such a relief to have the surgery over with. Just remember to take the pain meds. It helps you to heal faster. Of course I wasn't very good at taking them but it's easier to give advice. :lol:

My surgeon and onc still don't recommend chemo or radiation for stage 1a.

Now you get to join the rest of us with the scan stress syndrome. I don't think there is any way around it. It does get easier after a few good ones though. :) I go to the doctor tomorrow and will get the results of the scan I had last week. I'm am not nerrvousssssss. :wink:

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