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Looks like hospice...


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Hi all,

When I saw my onc todayy, we decided to do hospice for noww. If I get stronger, I can stop the hospice & go on the chemo but in thee mean time, we can really use the help from hospice. This is really gettiing to my Hubbie.

The onc agreed that I really wasn't strong enough to take chemo right now. He said he doubted the benefits would be worth the drawbackss.

Take care all. I'll keep in touch when I can.

Hugs & prayyers,


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Hi Melanie

I hope you are able to regain some strength under the care of hospice, and that your husband also gets to recharge his batteries. I hope that you feel well enough to resume treatment soon. In the meantime, my prayers are with you.


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I hope Hospice helps you gain some strength to where you can tolerate more treatment, should you choose to do so.

I'll keep you in my most positive thoughts and vibes, Mel. Let us know how you're doing...we're pulling for you.

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I know this was not what you wanted to hear but if you get stronger you can have the chemo at that point. Maybe with good pain control and plenty of sleep you will feel much better. I continue to keep you in my prayers and hope that you find strength and comfort in the days ahead.


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