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Ron's finally had success with sleep


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Good morning,

Ron finally had several hours of sleep in a row. He slept for approximately 5 hours. The only problem he had was that he was dreaming that he was on American Idol and all the Idol contestants were in bed with him! This morning he was able to eat a little and in fact ate well yesterday for the first time since the treatment last week.

He says that he is starting to feel different - like he's gaining strength again!!! He looks much, much better today and even has regained his sense of humour. Maybe this is the beginning of better days ahead.

I passed along the advice that you guys had given and he was really interested in hearing what everyone had to say. Previously, I didn't talk too much about my involvement in seeking advice from the board because he hates to hear of other people going through hard times. Now I'm mentioning that Stand4Hope said, JAK said, Fay said, Addie said, the 2 Dons said, Cindi said etc. (sorry that I haven't listed all your names but you get the gist)..... and he's really paying attention. He seems to be welcoming the advice from all of you.

You guys are the best. You've given me so much more than you'll ever know to work with in the this fight.

Hope everyone has a great day and nothing but good news.


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Just caught up to Ron's sleeping problems in the other thread...and then saw this. Well....now we know, huh? Ron's "sleeping pill" is the contestants from American Idol! 8)

I remember getting a prescription for Ambien early on....from my PCP. Then...when I began chemo, I had a script for Ativan. I also have used Tylenol PM in my "former" (pre-cancerous) life....so one day I asked my onc which of these meds was best for me to use.

He said, "If it works for you...stick with the Tylenol!" I think you can become too reliant on the Ambien or Ativan.

All it takes for me is one Tylenol PM. For a guy, it might take two pills...but it's worth a try to see if it does the job for Ron. Cheaper...no risk of the drugs becoming physically habit forming.

I'm SO glad he's starting to feel stronger. Boy, it's a big help to physically feel more on top of it all...as that transfers to the mental aspects in major ways, I think. Getting decent rest is a major part of it all....so whatever it takes, I hope Ron keeps getting a good night's sleep. Keep us posted, ok?

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I know what a wonderful feeling it is to see him get some sleep, feel better and EAT!!! I'm so happy to hear this. Now you need to start shopping for a bigger bed...or fast-forward to the end of the Idol season so there are few contestants sleeping in there with Ron.

Thanks for sharing your good news...keep it coming.

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Hi, Iam so glad Ron is getting some well deserved sleep.

I hope he isn't dreaming of Paula Abdul... making him a star, could cause quite a scandal... :shock:

I pray Ron gets better and better.

Let him know that Iam thinking of him and sending good vibes. :wink:


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Today looks like it's going to be a much better day! Ron ate well this morning and actually tested the food. I love to hear when he'e enjoying "something." He had a good day yesterday - his brother took him for a little drive by the water where he puts his boat in the summertime. It's only 10 minutes from here.

He had a "mega" cry yesterday when I got home from work. He says he mad at the cancer and he's not going anywhere until he decides. He feels that he's now getting stronger and ready to fight. Today he's going to get his drivers license renewed. It expired during the time he was in the hospital. He wants the picture done before he loses his hair and beard etc. next week. His friends from his little band were over last night and had a great time ribbing him - they say he'll look like Buddha when the hairs comes out. I still think he'll be the best looking guy in the world.

Here's to a great weekend for everyone.


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