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Still hanging in there


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I like to say hello to all my old friends and let them know I m still kicking. I had surgery in sept to remove my adrenal gland. Was tumor free for a few months but it came back in my other adrenal gland. Looking to remove that one hopefully this month.

God bless us all


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I am glad to see you posting. I was hoping you were doing ok. I hope the surgery will be just the ticket for this other adrenal gland. May I ask a question? Did you have any discomfort from the adrenal gland? How did they find it? I am having some persistant discomfort in the area of my left kidney and am a little concerned. Haven't had a doc look at it yet.


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Hey Brother Ray, (as the saying goes) Your a Sight for Sore Eyes!) Well, your a Sight for Non Sore Eyes as well.


Your name comes up more times then the sun!! :wink:

Sorry to hear your headed for another surgery, but as always, your in my prayres.

Drop in now and again, and say hi!

((((((((((BROTHER RAY A.))))))))))))))

Love & Hugs,


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Hey Ray!!

Hope you are up to making some NEW friends since you decided to come back. You know, some folks have joined since you've last been here! You look like a friendly guy. I'm friendly too. Glad to hear from a "new" friend and that you are doing okay. Please keep the old and "new" friends posted, will you?


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Hi homey,

Glad you checked in. Sorry to hear about your operation and now another one, that certainly is a bummer.

Will be thinking of you and hope all goes well. Don't be such a stranger.



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Thank you for checking in, friend! You are often in my thoughts as we are some of the "Old Guard" and I continue to send prayers your way. Hoping for the best on your upcoming surgery. Keep us in the loop, good buddy.

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