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Doctor Visits This Week and Last Week


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For the past several weeks I have been more SOB then usual. Have been dizzy a lot lately. I saw my PCP doctor 3 weeks my yearly check up.He said dizzy spells could be ear trouble. Blood work was OK except HG was a little low. It has been for 2 years so nothing to worry about there.I had a Chest x-ray 2 weeks ago and it was normal also. Oncologist visit was the same as last time. He said I was still doing good. Talked to him about the ringing in my ears and dizzy spells. He said ear trouble or possibly lack of 02 could be cause. I mentioned my SOB and he said to be sure and mention it to my Pulmonary doct when I saw him tomorrow (yesterday). Also lost 15 lbs since Feb 2005. It did not hurt me to loose them but it does bother me though since I made no effort to loose weight. Pulmonary doc did blood work to check for blood clots. Don't know the results but he said he would call if anything was found. Am scheduled for a bronscopy Wednesday May 11. He said lungs were clear but he wanted to look down and see if he could determind cause of SOB. Also have some "ratteling" at nite time.

Anyway, this is where I stand and hopefully there are no mets anywhere else. Get CT in July...Chest/AB/Pelvis. Had Brain MRI in March and was normal. Will keep you posted if anything developes.

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My hubby has ringing in his ears. Do you take pain killers (aspirin, Excedrin and?or etc..) The doctor

said this could be the cause of the ringing. He takes

Excedrin for his migraines (a lot 4tablets every 4 hrs..) How's the appetite? Lot's of prayers coming your way... Please keep us posted.

God Bless,


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The ringing in the ears is really annoying isn't it? I've had it since I had WBR back in October of last year. I can't be in a quiet room or it will drive me crazy.

Hang in there, hope you are feeling better soon.


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