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Radiation and hair loss question


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Two days ago I had the best looking hair I've had in 2 years. I actually started feeling pretty again. All of a sudden in 1 1/2 days half my hair has fallen out. I only had 2 days of brain radiation last Wed. and Thurs. Is this possible from 2 days of radiation. My scalp actually hurts a bit. Any suggestions what to put on it if anything.

It seems like such a petty question as I was without hair for 5 months from chemo. It was such an upper to not only get it back, but feel pretty again.


I love you guys and gals. Hoping everyone has a peaceful, painless and loving week-end.

Always your friend,

CathyR :oops::oops:

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Wow...two days? Your follicles are quite reactive, eh? :wink:

It took more like 9-10 days for me when I had the PCI...but with the direct hit on the noggin, it all came out in about 2 days. Mind you...I had very little. Maybe an inch of white fluff...as it was just coming back in from chemo.

After brain radiation, it takes longer to come back in - I was told. And it did take about 3 months before it even STARTED to come in. Then I started chemo again...and suffice to say, my poor hair is confused. Some parts of my head have 1.5" long bits...and some have 1/4" fluffs. It's pretty ugly...and I'm coming up on nearly a YEAR without any hair to speak of.

As for your sore scalp...do you have any Aquafor? I'd slather some of that on at night, and wear a cap to bed. Otherwise, ask the Rad Onc if there is something specifically made for the scalp.

I bet you look gorgeous without hair, Cathy...but I know what you mean about feeling prettier WITH it. I'm missing my hair by now...anxious to get some back and have a REASON for that wee brush that is still in my purse from long ago...but NOT being used. :roll:

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Wow, I agree w/Addie, your hair is very responsive! Hopefully that means the radiation is working just as quickly. My hair fell out the day after my 10th and last treatment.

Addie, you are right about it taking longer to come back. My wbr was in October and I'm just NOW starting to get fuzz. (6 MONTHS!!!) And, I'm thinking about joining the band "The White Stripes" because it is really black all over with a "stripe" of white hair down the top of my head. (From the crown to the forhead! :shock: ) I look like the bride of frankenstein or something!

Hang in there Cathy, your attitude is so uplifting to me. Keep up the fight girl!!!!


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My wife's hair did not come out untill about 2 week's after her 3 week's of Radiation. She's Balder appearing this time than from the Cisplatin/vp16 she went through. Watch out for the delayed physical after effect's of the WBR as they took about a month to fully hit my wife such as loss of appetite with nausea and extreme weakness..Not sure how much of it is caused by the Topotecan and Zometa but was told by her Doc that it was the Radiation......


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I lost my hair from chemo 2 weeks to the day just like I was told. We were fishing and big clumps came out in the breeze. That's when I decied to shave my head that night. After rad it was like 2 weeks again. I had a friend of my father-in-law shave it. Now it is growing with a reverse mohawk right down the middle!! And I never knew I had so many cowlicks!!! Afte each treatment I loaded on the vitamin E kept it from burning. It's worth a try. Plus bald is the thing. I was in Florida and went for a tattoo and tha guys there kept commenting on my hair or lack of. They thought it was cool!!!

Good luck to you. See my other post in General. Rachel

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One knows a woman is feelig better when she starts to fuss about her hair. I can offer no expertise on radiation, but I CAN about not having hair. I have JUST started getting that "fuzz" referred to earlier. I FINISHED chemo Dec. 2 and then had 2 more rounds in Feb. So I haven't had hair for a while! And I have found an upside to it for me. I now know for SURE what color my REAL hair is - and it ain't pretty - YIKES! (Hair in pic - only WISH mine was so good.)

Glad to see a post from you. Thinking and praying for you every day.


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I love your hair in the picture, it is so pretty.


Just throw a wig on. I find a wig is easier to style and faster. Glad you are able to do tx. I had one radiation tx last June. Lost a strip of hair in back of head within a week. Grew back in within four months. Thinking of you and praying for good results. Please keep us posted.

God Bless,


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Thank you everyone. It just took me by surprise. Of course because of my decision to cut out chemo and radiation, I have a house load of people scheduled to visit me both May and June. Now I going to have to wear the wigs again.

What a crybaby I'm being. The chemo took 3 months to lose the hair and radiation took 1 1/2 weeks and looks far worse. Well, I'll just have to turn on the personality instead.

Thank you for taking your busy time out to talk to me. YOu are what this is all about.

hugs and love,


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Hey Cath, Sorry about the hair, bummer from starting to feel actually pretty, but we all know you are outside and in.

So glad to see you still have your sense of humor. :D

Great that you are havin all kinds of company. Enjoy, even if you have to go with the wig. How about a fancy do rag... :roll:

Anyway, have great visits, and I know I won't have to tell you to keep that smile, and good humor going, because it is just natural for you. That is who you are.

Take care :wink:


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Hi Cathyr.

All I can think of to say is ...well, I will say it in the end. But, first I will tell you about one of my best friends who is also a dental hygienist. When she was cleaning my teeth, she took a chunk out of my gums..! (not a very good hygienist)..when I yelped, she said, "boy am I ever glad it was you and not someone else." (!!!!!)

those are the kinds of things about her that were endearing to me.

And I guess this is the end.

(love my hair)


Cindi o'h

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