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Alimta Users Update


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Had Alimta Reload #5 yesterday due to good results so far. Uneventful as of today. Side effects continue to be mild. Probably the most bothersome are the mouth sores being treated with continuous salt gargling and the mylanta/lydacaine mixture when needed. Makes it tolerable. Tiredeness seems to be getting a bit worse each time. Just have to walk a little less and take more naps. The steroids dexamethasone controls the stomach thing real well and makes me a happy camper. Lots of energy in spurts but doesn't restrict my activities. Appetite is great with frequent craving for ice cream and jalapeno anything and no weight gain so far. Little whiskey frequently too which possibly could be the key to it all (LOL).

Hope this helps all you Alimta users and potential users. Beth, I know you are right behind me a few days. Pray that it treats you as well. Take care all and God Bless.


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Way to go Charlie! Git Er Done! I get stuck again Wednesday!

Finally got a copy of the pathology report. The nodules in my left lung have had no remarkable change, the right lung.....some have disappeared and others have shrunk! Whould have gone to medical school so I could understand all these big words! :D

Glad you are doing good! Praying for an uneveryful Wednesday for me!

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Hi CharlieD.

Just admire you for pushing yourself to your limits and not beyond. It is so much easier to lie around than to get up and go for even a little walk. You seem to be doing everything Just Right.

Got your minnow bucket waiting. I think we have enough good news for another party here real soon. I am thinking Monday we will fire everything up again.

Hope you feel well enough to get out for the opener and that the water is down low enough for you to get in it. Our fishing opener (for most species) is always Mother's Day weekend. Might just have to cut out and catch a walleye.

You're a great role model, Charlie. Thanks!

cindi o'h

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way to go Charlie, I just got number two alimita yesturday... No mouth thing, but I do rinse with salt water two -three times daily, a little nausea, on day two, but not bad. I will get Ct scans on the 31st. hope I have a great result. like you have, I feel better than before I started for sure. great news. thanks for the update... gina

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Happy to hear you are doing well.

I just updated my profile with the news that the MRI confirmed there is a metastatic lesion on L femur. The good news is that it is very small and no orthopedic intervention is indicated at this time.

They're gonna zap it with some radiation between now and 6/1--then start me on Alimta and possibly a second drug with it.

So treatment-wise I'm still riding in your dust.

It is encouraging to learn your good results.

All the best...

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