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Out for Dinner


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Just two weeks ago, my husband was admitted to the hospital. He was dehydrated, had no energy, no appetite, a great deal of pain in his chest and stomach. He had lost 20 lbs in less than one month. His liver enzymes were very high,alarming the oncologist as he suspected that the cancer had spread to his liver The team pulled me aside to try and prepare me for the worse possible scenario and even indicated to me that if it had spread to the liver he would "probably" only have about 3 months left. (we have since learned that the reason for that timing was that he was rapidly deteriorating from the weight loss, fatigue and pain and further chemo would probably not be an option). Last night we went out for dinner to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants; our first night out in months. He ate like there was no tomorrow. He feels wonderful...better than he has in almost a year.

The cancer did not spread to his liver, he had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic he was taking and the chemo cocktail mixed with this antibiotic was literally killing him. He has been off of his chemo for three weeks now and food is tasting good again, he has a wonderful appetite and is getting stronger everyday. He still has pain in his rib/chest area, but he says it is manageable. We'll go May 20th for the whole round of scans and his MRI, but regardless of what turns up, he has decided that he doesn't want to feel that poorly again and if chemo is doing that, then he is finished with chemo(I won't hold him to that). For now, we are enjoying life and planning one crazy, over-the-top pool party for Memorial Day 2005 and we cannot believe how far we have come, how much we have learned, or how much we could love as we have in this past year. Thank you ALL for all your help in getting us thru this first year.


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Best of news :lol: .

I sure hope we will be here together planning pool parties for MANY years to come!! Glad you are enjoying life and loving it. Same as we are doing here. I will keep my eye on the mailbox for our "party" invitation!


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Enjoy this time. I have to tell you that Levaquin nearly killed me when it was given to me about a month after my lung was removed. I wasn't on chemo at the time. Just the Levaquin. Glad your hubby has recovered from his experience. They called it chemical hepatitis...liver failure due to the drug. He should be careful if they want to prescribe something called Tequin, too. Another one that's tough on the kidneys and liver.

I envy you the pool party! I'm on the central coast of California and it's COLD around here...and raining. (It's not supposed to do that in these parts.)

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Beth and Bill,

So happy, for both.

From a super allergic person,

all I can say, it was a close


Will keep with the prayers till

everything is under control and

we get the good news of the future




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Hey Beth and Bill,

So VERY GLAD to hear your back on track Bill. You were on ONE HECK OF A RIDE my friend! Sure am glad that ride is over!!! :roll::)

So, what time does the Pool party start?? :lol:

I am so happy for you two. Good to hear that food is tasting better! HOORAY!!! So, pull up a chair and eat, eat and eat some more!!

Hugs to you BOTH,


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So happy for your both. He has certainly been through so much.

Plan your pool party, and party hardy!! It will be wonderful for both of you to have all your friends and relatives around you.

Maryanne :wink:

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