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update on husband-good news

nancy c

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:D Hello everyone-I just got the best news ever--Mike's cat scan did not show any liver,pancreas or kidney

involvement of cancer!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

He was going into liver failure due to the two chemo drugs he was getting(tarceva and avastin), the poor nutrition he had, the cancer effect on his nutrition and the overall long term effect of his 18 months of chemo and what it has done to his body. Thank the good lord. He was dying in front of my eyes and I felt so helpless. He is a little stronger today and is a little more lethagric-but they are giving his ativan to relax and sleep more. Our goal is to get him down the isle next week with his daughter; and him and i are taking a cruise(god willing) as soon as he gets better. He will be in the hospital a few more days--I know we are not out of the woods yet-- but things will get better--I pray. God bless every one of you-this place is my little piece of heaven. Nancy C

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Dear Nancy,

Well, I'll tell you one thing - nobody can ever accuse you of not being able to express your excitement in writing. I felt your excitement just by reading what you wrote, and it was contagious.

So glad to hear this good news. We all needed to hear some of that. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!



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Guest marchwinds05

Glad you got good news. Your past week or so sounds like what we have been going through. I know all of those feelings you have been describing. Glad you got a good one right now. Have a happy wedding and I really hope you get your cruise. We did one last year.

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See Nancy, I knew it, I just knew it. I knew things would change for you guys for the better. That is great news that it was not the LC. Just knowing that will make his recovery much faster.

He will start to get his strength back and will be walking Nicole down the aisle on her biggest day of her life, and she will be beaming.

Also, of course, enjoy your cruise, because you guys will be going.

Have a great time at the wedding next week. Make many wonderful memories.



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