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Bizarre symptom-left flank pain


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I have been having severe left flank pain for a couple weeks. Its very bad at night lying down, better during the day when I am upright. From time to time I feel a spasm in my side that hurts so much my eyes water. They say no mets are in this area.From recenet CT and MRI they say kidney okay, no stone etc........

Any ideas?



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Okay, Jen,

I did ot post earlier, for I thought you would be getting many responses from more experts than me. But I will put in my 2 cents here. I have had pain in my left upper chest that has gone over to my shoulder. When I would lean over at the waist it would feel like my shoulder would shatter into a million pieces. It was okay standing or laying just couldn't lean over. Dr. told me it is inflammed cartilage! I think it is hard to believe - but who knows? I have no idea if this is anythng like you have or not. Dr. said it just happens sometimes! Lucky, huh?

Not sure if that's of any help or not. Please know that since your latest news prayers for you have been fast a furious here - no kidding. Keep on fighting and all of us out here will keep on parying.

Wishing you some good news soon.


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