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Bizzare symptom-left flank pain


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I have been having severe left flank pain for a couple weeks. Its very bad at night lying down, better during the day when I am upright. From time to time I feel a spasm in my side that hurts so much my eyes water. They say no mets are in this area.From recenet CT and MRI they say kidney okay, no stone etc........

Any ideas?



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Hi Jen

I don't know if this helps, and I am not really sure where my 'flank' is (!) but a few years ago I had costochondritis, which was excruciating. Pain on the side of the ribs which actually made me cry. Pain was worse at night, and when I was getting up from a seated position. The symptoms sound pretty similar to what you are experiencing.

Try doing a google search and see what you think.

Whatever it is, I hope it gets better soon!


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Hi Jen,

Around Christmas last year, Jim started having very intense pain in his flank, right side. Scans didn't show anything, so they just started him on some pain killers. Xray showed possible light case of pneumonia, but not really sure about that. They did do a round of antibiotics also. His doctor thought the pain was probably pleurisy. The pain did subside and mostly became just a little twinge at times.

I know there are so many possibilites but wanted to offer this as additional info/questions/possibilities to ask about when you talk to your doctor.

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this pain on top of your too full plate. They can give you meds for pain relief, so bug them if you have to.


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Hi Jen,

I have it a lot too. I have been puzzled but my kidney enzymes have been just a little off. I do have some back problems and am not sure if it is more related to that either.

I do hope you find a harmless answer. Flank pain can be very bothersome.


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