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A request for Rick........


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(For those lost, check out Katie's post in Spirituality)

We hereby demand that you return home from the hospital early tomorrow morning with a clean bill of health so that Katie can have one of the best mother's days! Do you understand?

Well, fine, we will let you have allergies, general run down from overworking/stress, and maybe an ear infection with a simple 1 week course of antibiotics, but that is all you are allowed!

Thank you in advance for your compliance with our demands :)

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I don't have much time so I am COPYING this to you guys for FYI....I got my mom to drive over here at 12:30 am last night and I spent a few hours with him until he fell asleep and now I am in a RUSH trying to feed the kids and rush back over to see him.

No mother's day for me. Here is the e-mail I sent, I think it covers everything.

thank you ######,

I'll write more when we know something. right now it is just waiting and waiting and trying to arrange a sitter this morning.

The TB was hard to diagnose once we were back in the States. Rick got it, we did not. He of course rode the Tube daily and worked while I was a stay home mom so his exposure to it was greater. Anyway, after 6 months of pills, he was fine....but that lingering cough always makes me wonder you know? Especially knowing what I know about LC.

Anyway, the newer medical issues can be attributed to stress and exhaustion with working so much, or it could be a host of other things. Not knowing is the worst.

They are concerned with his heart because of abnormal readings on the machine- they have him on a heparin(?) drip, a weird patch and high doses of aspirin as if he has had a heart attack! But still, I haven't heard anything conclusive and at 2 am on a Saturday night I didn't see a doctor in sight!

So it is a wait and see thing. Could be nothing, could be everything.

I appreciate your message of support so much and I'll send another message when we know more.

We really must "catch up" one of these days, it has been too long.

Much love,


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Oh my :( .....didn't see the other post in Spirituality...but am vibing all positive and good thoughts Rick's way and hoping he'll be home soon and on the road to feeling much better.

Hugs to you, Katie.....hang in there!

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Hi Katie,

Anxiously waiting to hear what the final diagnoisis is. You guys must be so scared. Like you said maybe it is nothing major. Fingers and toes crossed.

You are in my prayers


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