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PUB is OPEN! Party Time!

cindi o'h

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Who can ignore all of the great news of late? Not me!




This is so good, so very good...

My dad used to drink his beer in the tavern. I go to the bar. But, I see quite a few of you in the pub. I suppose there must still be saloons somewhere...but whatever you want to call it..let's call it a party!

I got the party hats and horn blowers. It is an all out feast for these three.. who else has good news to report? C'mon down to the pub, please and we will lift our glasses in your honor. I would like to pose a toast..."to many, many more clean scans for all!"

Someone cut the limes, I am having a Margarita..so is Addie and TAnn and Don Wood...who else needs one?

love you all!

Cindi o'h

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To quote an up and coming sure to be well known future philosopher (Redneck Larry the Cable Guy), "GIT ER DONE!" Time for a party. I'll bring some Jalpeno Poppers although they burn my sore mouth and an armload of Rotgut Bourbon. Rinse out the minnow bucket.

Yes, with all the good news lately that you mentioned along with the fact that Frank is back posting on a regular basis, CathyR is having good days and improvements being noted all over the board, it is high time for kicking up some heels. May not all be super successes, but nevertheless, positive and better than yesterday.

Git R Done. God bless you all. Happy Mothers day all you MOTHERS!


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We'll have Peggy's brand of coffee, maybe we should stock it in the new party room at the new apartmnent.

Our good news is that Brian's port is really making treatment easier for him.

We toast all the good news and love all of you.

Party harty.

P and B

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Hurray!!!!!!!!! I've got streamers and guacamole !!! How about that? Cindi - got any NEW drinks you want to try out?? I'm game. I do think there is even more good news out there! Come on - heap on that good news stuff right now!


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Congrats to all....and where's my Margarita?? :wink:

We must always celebrate the good news...even when there is also bad news. Balance, people...balance is achieved by remembering the good in the face of bad....right?

Listen to me. :roll: Ms. Philosophy...eh? Oh, just shove a half lime in my mouth, refresh my drink and point me to the jukebox. That'll shut me up for a few minutes. 8)

Bring on some more good news....we all can always use it, right?

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