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A message to my dear sisters and all "children" wh


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I know that this day is so hard on you. I can only imagine your pain as I have yet to walk in your footsteps. I just want you all to know, my dear sisters, and others who have lost their precious moms, that I am thinking of you all today and wish I could take your pain away.

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Thank you, Andrea. I lost my Mother to Lung Cancer in 1991. I don't think it really matters at what age we lose our Moms. We are always going to miss them. You are very sweet to remember those who have experienced this loss recently as well as those of us who lost them long ago.

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Thank you, Andrea,

I was going to visit my mom (and now also my dad's) grave today, but with everything else going on I decided my emotions just couldn't handle it, so I spent the day shopping and spending money instead. :) GREAT THERAPY!

My mom died in Jan. 1999 and I didn't visit her grave until Mother's Day of that year. Emotionally, I handled her death pretty well until I went to her grave on Mother's Day. I cried and choked and carried on for several hours.

No matter how much tension there was between me and my mom, I always took her flowers and a card on Mother's Day, and she loved it! I thought I would make that a tradition even after her death, but I just couldn't do it this year. Neither my husband or my son need to see me bawling right now. I know my mom understands.

Love and hugs to everyone,


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Thank you Sweet Andrea for taking time to share your warm and caring heart with all of us. And Please give YOUR WONDERFUL MOM a Happy Mother's Day wish from me.

My hubby and I spent about 3 hours at the Cemeteries today. Both Maurie and I are Parentless. We go to his parents, then my parents and then to our Son's.

Maurie made hearts this year to put on the graves.

Then in the middle of the hearts we hang a flower basket. He makes things like this all the time, like shepard hooks, etc... He's sooo talented and I'm soooo blessed.

Then we came home and my daughter and her family came over and we had a very nice day.

And to top it all off, today is my hubbies and my wedding anniversary.

All and all it was a good day! We shed some tears and had some laughs.

I hope you had a wonderful day too Andera. You always take the time to think of others. Your a wonderful daughter to your parents and a good friend to everyone HERE! ((((((ANDREA))))))) I'm also sure your a great WIFE!! :wink:

Love & Hugs,


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Thanks Andrea,

Connie is right, you are so thoughtful of others...

Your going to be a good mom, I can feel it in your posts. Your mom raised you right and I'm sure she is very proud of you.. Have a great day !!!!

How is your mom doing? Does she have to have the surgery ???

Prayers and gentle hugs,


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Thanks for thinking of us. Mother's day is the hardest day of the year for me. My Mom passed away three days after Mother's day 2003. That year she gave me a present, earrings..... she said I had been a Mom to her through her journey with cancer. I was honored to be able to give back to her what she had given me. Give your Mom a hug for me and enjoy the day!


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