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One year


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Today is my one year anniversary of having quit smoking! It was at 7:30am one year ago that I took the last drag off of a cigerette.

I never did cheat, but boy do I miss them. It almost feels like my best friend died one year ago.

Since the cancer had reappeared (this past February) I would have started to smoke again but I swear the surgeon did something when he did surgery to make it so I couldn't smoke again! I wish I could, but I can't, it would kill me. It kills me to just smell it on someone.

Guess I should celebrate no cigs for one year!

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Summagun....I've got you by two days and totally FORGOT to celebrate May 6th!! I quit at noon that day, and had my biopsy that evening.

Congrats to both of us....eh? I cannot say I've been that tempted to smoke again...but one day a guy sat down next to me in my onc's lobby...and his jacket REEKED of fresh smoke. You know how sometimes smoke on clothing smells yukky? (Most of the time, actually!~ :roll: ) Well this guy smelled GREAT!! The only thing I can figure is, he must smoke my old brand for it to smell so good. :wink:

I enjoyed it. But not so much that I want to smoke again. And my low bloodcounts lately have caused a little bit of sob when I go up and down the stairs. Not fun. Wouldn't ever want to cause more sob by smoking again....you know?

Congrats on the victory, Beth....and on sticking with it. I know it's not easy....

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Congratulations Beth & Addie too,

I quit smoking 2 years ago, this past March 28th and it is very hard, but so well worth it. You two are giving your bodies a much better chance to heal by not smoking. I belong to whyquit.com and the education and support there is fantastic. It helped me. I still think of smoking to this day, but I wouldn't do it. I have early emphysema and I'm not in a hurry to help it advance. Congratulations to both of you for quitting over a year. That's fantastic.



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Wow Beth, ditto to everything you said. It will be

two yrs. for me the end of July. It's easier to quit then to stay off them. I believe some of the

addiction is the friend thing. You don't realize that until they're gone.

Continued good luck to you. Doesn't it make you wonder how much money we have saved? Let alone our lives.


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Congratualtions on being a non smoker for a year Beth. I remember how hard it was for me to quit. I tried several times before my 40th birthday to no avail. Then on the day of my 40th bday, I made up my mind to quit and did! Now it will be easy for me to remember when I quit smoking. I am 60 now.

Don M

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Way to go! Len's been smoke free as well since the day he coughed up blood, had an xray and .... He still misses them but he's beginning to get to the point where he objects to being in the same room as smokers, not because he's tempted but because it smells! It's a terribly hard thing to do and all of you who have given the nasty things up deserve lots of kudos.

I was lucky - smoked in college, then when I got married and got pregnant, the taste of cigarettes was repellent and I quit without a second thought. Not because I was being a good expectant mother - just couldn't stand the things. So if any young things are out there trying to quit smoking, consider pregnancy!


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