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Wait Wait and Wait Some More


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Thanks again to everyone who answered my question about the lymph node, both on the board and in PMs.

The onc wants to wait and check the lump himself before doing more scans. Scans were just done in March (and they weren't great then), so I don't know about getting new ones. I told the onc if he needs them and the ins. company won't pay so soon, we'll pay for them ourselves. He has a great insurance company, so hopefully they will pick up the tab.

We already had an appointment for late Friday afternoon, so he will also decide what to do about the left hip pain at the same time, which is still pretty mild. It bothers him more when sitting, sleeping and when he first gets up. It seems to let up a little when he moves around some.

I will post an update and the new plan Friday night or Saturday.

Our son is still in the hospital, blood test results up and down like a yo-yo. We are still hoping he shows big improvement this week, they can start introducing food, and he will get to come home soon. It's just another wait and see. The nurses are getting to know me so well that I get hugs now when I go on the floor. :roll: That's ok, I always say that if it moves, I'll hug it, so I just hug right back.

Wait - wait - wait - wait. It seems that all we do is WAIT!

Love and hugs to everyone,


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Hi Peggy, Lots of hugs to you my friend. For all you are going through with the ups and downs, you need all the hugs you can get.

I pray all goes well with your family. I will keep you in my prayers also, as you need it just as much as they do.

Hang in there, Things will work out for the best. :wink:


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Boy Peggy...that is what I call burning the candle at both ends. Please take care of yourself as you continue to take care of everyone else. We'll keep you all in our prayers and hope for big improvements on both fronts.


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