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Final Update (latest news)


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Today is day three in hospital for Rick.

I have only been able to spent a couple of hours a day with him because of the kids, no babysitter, etc... and in 3 days I have not been present when any doctors or specialists have been there.

Anyway, what we thought was an ear-infection has turned into a possible heart condition.

I was sure after day 2 that they would blame stress, asthma, allergies, etc....

But there were abnormal ekgs and the Nuclear Heart test came back abnormal as well.

I did pin down the charge nurse and it was explained to me very generally.

They are talking about heart catherization tomorrow among other possible procedure depending on what the heart specialist wants to do.

He won't be in to discuss this with Rick until later tonight after office hours so I really don't know much more. He stays in hospital indefinitely until we get some answers and a gameplan from the specialist.

I'll write more when more becomes available. If you have a spare minute, please keep him in your prayers.

My prayers are constant for all of you- sorry I'm not really available online much right now.


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Katie, Hang in there, I know this must be so hard for you not to be spending more time with him. Don't you or Rick have any family where you are? How many kids do you have? Sorry for the questions, but I don't know your situation.

Prayers of course going out to Rick and to you Katie for strength through all of this.

I pray the catherisation goes smoothly and whatever they find it will be minor and fixable and he will come home to you and his kids very soon.

Please when you can keep us posted on his condition. You don't have to apologize for not posting so often. We know the stress you must be going through. The uncertainty is the worse.

Praying for Rick a quick recovery.

Nice Picture of Rick, he is so handsome..


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Rick and Katie,

The support you give to everyone here is wonderful, our support now comes to you. I wish we had already moved back to Texas (Keller), I could help out with the babysitting and everything else you need.

Take care, BOTH of you


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Well Katie,

I believe that God has chosen YOU for this additinal weight to carry on purpose. He feels you can, indeed, handle the stress and angst that comes with such a situation. And Katie, you CAN! Why God chooses some over others for this privilege we do not know. I do know that you will handle this better than most others ever could. I know that Rick will come out of this better than most because of you. And I know that EVERYONE on this site will never stop helping to carry the extra weight for you, praying for you, or offering whatever can be offered for you, until everything is resolved. You are strong and thus we are strong for you and Rick. This too shall pass - and soon I know.

We are all praying for the Browns.



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This waiting must be the worst. You both are family now, and family supports family. You are in my prayers and thoughts each day. Take care of yourself and try to get some rest when you can. Dont worry about any of us...just post when you have an extra second so that our prayers can be more specific if at all possible. We care so much.


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Boy, Katie, Rick has had a really rough year with his knee, the diabetes and now this! Poor guy! I'm assuming he went into this with the weight loss he told us about a couple of months ago. That's a good thing - that should help a lot.

You're in my prayers, kiddo - both of you - all of you!

You are an experienced advocate, but I'll pass along a couple of tips just in case you hadn't thought of them. First, every time I want an update directly from my son's doctor, I just tell the nurse to put a note right on front of his chart and leave my cell phone on until she calls me.

I assume you already have a HIPPA authorization for Rick. I create a blank HIPPA ahead of time, make 10-15 copies, leave the addressee blank, make them good for a year and have my husband/son sign and date them. Then all you have to do is write in the provider's name behind the word "To:". Then, I make a new set about every 6 months so they don't get too old and I won't have to worry about getting any lip from anybody. I make them for my husband of course in my own name if I should get sick, although if you asked him where they are right now, he would probably say "What authorizations?" LOL!

Love and hugs,


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