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Final Update (latest news)


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Thank you all so much for the messages!!!

I did get to go up to the hospital three times today.

The first two times with the kids...who get bored so easily- and the baby who climbed in a guest chair and fell flat on the floor...I am sure her wailing cries woke all the heart patients on the second floor AND probably attributed to a rise in Rick's blood pressure at that particular time!

It's hard to go up there with both kids in tow. And Hunter still is afraid of the hospital since his grandpa was there- and died there.

Anyway, my mom came over for a few hours and I spent some time just being with Rick. He is fine, really.

Other than being nervous- feeling run-down and tired (like he always feels)- he is his usual goofy self- bored out of his head and wanting this over with so he can come home. (Get back to work, really)

It appears that they are thinking he has some blockages in arteries to his heart.(how many, how much and where are still unknown until the heart catheterization)

They will go either with the stent, shunt, or angio depending on where and percentage of the blockages.

So we wait for the final word tomorrow (AM) from the specialist- the findings from the catherization and what that reveals- to tell us what needs to be done.

I know everyone is going thru their own stuff- and many are carrying much much heaver loads than us--

so thank you for taking the time out to give us support. You are always in our prayers.

P.S> Peggy is right- Already this year has been an unlucky one for Rick- but I guess if you neglect yourself, and work too too hard--it will all catch up with you.


I'll write more when I know more.

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Katie -

Quit apologizing - good Lord after all you guys do and have done for US! Stop it!

Please bring this (((((((((((HUG))))))))) to the hospital and personally deliver it to Rick.

You're both in my prayers,

Hugs and prayers,


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Prayers for Rick will be answered. Bless you both. Heart caths are thorough procedures and will tell the docs what they need to know in order to treat Rick. He'll soon be home...hopefully slowing down to a pace that will keep him safe.

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Katie give Rick my love and tell him to rest and LISTEN to the nurses-they DO know what they are talking about-teehee 8)

I have been in during many heart caths and they go well. If they find problems they can fix them most times right then.

Keep us updated.

Love Cindy

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Katie and Rick,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry this is going on but you are getting the help you need.

It is hard on the kids I am sure. I know Jacob is still asking to bring his PaPa home. He hates hospitals too.

Best of luck this morning.

Take care of yourself too.

Praying for us all.

Much love,


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Hi Katie.

I have had three heart caths and two stents. He needs to make sure that he has enough versed and the other yummy one on board so that he can tolerate the procedure. *twice, I did not have enough...yikes!

I have done just a little research on this subject. The reason for failure of stents is not so much the stent, but the quality of the work performed by the cardiologist placing it. If you have any control over this part, get an experienced and high quality mechanic/intervention cardiologist. It does make a difference in the long term outcome of the success of the stent.

Best of luck for smooth sailing.

Cindi o'h

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Add my well wishes and prayers to the list. I'm just glad Rick had symptoms and you are in good care now. It is amazing what can be done today and the procedures are minimally invasive. I hope his recovery is quick (recovery is so much quicker before you've had any serious cardiac event, believe it or not, he sounds like a lucky man right now). Wishing you both all the best. Nancy

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