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Final Update (latest news)


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Can you say....


I am so happy for this news- but ticked at the same time that we went thru all this worry and waiting for nothing it seems.

Rick is so groggy from the procedure- he kept telling the doctor to quit sticking a satellite up his nose.

He will be on light-duty for 10 days- his incision site should be ok after two days. His first words were- when can I go back to work. Answer- Thursday.

Geeze...this was such a pain- for him literally!

He has a follow up with his GP and an asthma specialist. I am also going to have him see a nutritionist for the high cholesterol (He has to take a med. for that now) and a stress-management counsellor (maybe anti-anxiety meds too) We will see-

All the prayers worked. I am so relieved!

Thank you everyone- sorry to make everyone worry.


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Good news! Glad that there was nothing to stent! Yay! And also good and refreshing to know exactly what is going on the inside. And with that procedure he had done now, he can just turn a little more toward Mars or Saturn for better reception...very handy.

A little counselling, a little ativan, a little Zocor and back on track. Sorry all this happened, though. Or maybe it is a good thing to have a push to get back on track.

Take care, y'all.

cindi o'h

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I'm sorry to hear that Rick is in the hospital I have to tell you that a guy I know just had a six...not sure what you call it bypass...I didn't know that was possible!!! He came through it with no complications at all. The advanced technology with the heart is remarkable! I pray that the problem is minor and that they can fix it quick. Don't worry about us here on the board, you take care of you and your family. Thinking and praying for you.

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