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Lymph Node Next to Aorta


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Anyone have experience with a fast growing tumor in a lymph node next to the aorta? Charlie's PET scan showed maximum uptake in that node and 3 other hot spots in his lungs. Any possible symptoms, etc. to watch for would be greatly appreciated. Take care. Praying for us all.

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tina, my husband has the same thing; he had no symptons it just showed up on pet scan too; hopefully they will get some chemo to shrink it; Mike's have been stable-no increase in those lymph nodes.i guess we just sit and pray. god bless, nancy c

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Thanks everybody! Praying they can do radiation and the chemo. works. He got his 2nd treatment of Taxotere today. I haven't been able to find anything on the Internet about what to expect from this if it keeps growing. Any information and prayers are greatly appreciated. He seems to be feeling reasonably well. Just tired. He's in good spirits, Thank God. Take care.

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