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update on my husband--brought him home from hospital

nancy c

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:D Mike is home from hospital tonite-he got home about 6pm--he is weak-uses walker-still alittle shaky; Dr wanted to keep him one more nite--but he wanted to be at home. Dr even said maybe we could send him to rehab floor for physical therapy and to build his strenght--but he wanted out of the place!! actually they were very good to him; he is eating alittle better; but i don't understand why he isn't getting his strenght back???? We have visiting nurses come in 3x weekly for physical therapy and lab work. I am off tomorrow and may work wednesday-then off for the wedding thurs/friday-wedding is saturday. I don't think Mike can walk Nic down the isle without his walker-or may have to use a wheelchair--we'll wait and see. god bless,nancy c
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Hi Nanc,

The only thing important is the Mike is out of the hospital and home, in time for Nicoles wedding. It does not make a difference if he walks, uses a walker or is wheeled down the aisle the most important thing is that he will be giving her away. What a great honor!!! :D

If he was that determined to get out of the hospital then maybe, just maybe he will gain enough strength to walk her, with or without a walker. I really don't think he will use a wheel chair.

Keep us posted on the blessed event. This is such a special day for all of you. Seize the day and just enjoy. :wink:

Mazel Tov,


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:D maryanne, thank you so much for your words of encouragement; i needed that; i was depressed today; today was my first day home from work being a fulltime caregiver. he really can't do much for him self. he asked me to help him figure out how to take his meds tomorrow. he didn't realize i took tomorrow off too. and i won't go back until after the wedding-may 18th. he said he was glad -said he didn't feel safe being alone. poor thing--what a lifestyle change for him all within 2 weeks.i just keep encouraging him that he will get stronger. but i do worry that this may be as good as it gets. i pray not. god bless,nancy c
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Hang in there, Nancy. It is tough to find your way into the new role.

It is about balance....support/help respect/defer

and take care of you, too.

You can do it, you are smart and loving and willing.

Hoping the wedding is a wonderful event.

We care


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Glad to hear that your husband is home. That alone should start building his strength up. And yes, I totally agree with the others, what is simportant is that Mike will be at the wedding. It doesn't matter if he uses a walker, wheelchair or whatever -- as long as he is with your daughter on her wedding day.

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Nancy: I am glad to hear Mike is at home and hopefully improving. I guess it takes a while to get the strength back. And,it is good to hear that he can make it to the wedding. I was in the hospital twice for lung surgerys and I was EXTREMELY movtivated to get out of there as soon as possible. So, I know how Mike feels about getting out of there.

You have my continued support and prayers.

Don M

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