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Remember when?

cindi o'h

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Remember when you were first diagnosed and everyone said, "If there is anything I can do for you, let me know..." Were they kidding you or is that the polite thing to say? Or should I call them on it? Now, I have lost touch with all of those people...no phone calls or notes or anything in two years. I think I must scare the snot outta them.

But, I sure do need help. I need help packing, moving, sorting, laundry, boxes, lifting, carrying, decision-making, cleaning etc.

Should I call them on it? What do you all do? I am all by my little self, and I have to get out of this house.. I got approval on the apartment up North and I am good to go! The people who bought my house live across the street and are chomping at the bit to get in here. Yikes!

Wish you were all here to help me, dangit.

love, Cindi o'h

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Well, Cindi, I really do not kknow the politically correct thing to do here. I don't recall ever seeing any rules on the subject. SO, in that case, I think it would be perfectly okay to just go for it!!! Call some of those people. They may be like some of my friends who need a definite innvitation to do something very specific. What do you have to lose? After all, you got it done this far!! Some of those folks just MIGHT surprise you and really come through. If not, you have lost nothing.

Just so you know, it is so frustrating for us out here to not be able to help you out. Somehow cyber help just ain't gonna do it. Boy, are we sorry about that.

All the best with giving it a try, Cindi. I bet there are some here who will come up very creative ways to take care of things. This is the best I got!


PS: Think the neighbors across the street who bought the house might be willing to lend a hand? They may be VERY motivated since they want to move in!! Just an afterthought!

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I say ask and ye shall receive.

Knock and it shall be opened to you. I bet Our Lord is just waiting to work through some of your acquaintances. He uses even the least of us............

Trust, Cindi, put your heart on your sleeve and trust.

If cyber help was all it took you have been moved by now and sitting down to a nice bowl of homemade soup and hugged till you were sore!

We love you..............

I wonder if you could call a neighborhood church or synagogue? or Boy scouts? or even one of the temp agencies for a couple good strong young men ? You could just pay a day laborer for the heavy stuff???

Lord, please some strong backs and strong minds and strong help for our cindi girl!!!



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well, I'd at least give a couple of them a call .... you never know .... they might organize something (beer and chips, etc.) and give you a helping hand ..... if not, you at least will know where you stand and can go from there .... good luck on your move!

pattie d :wink:

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Oh, silly me, I truly believe that people truly want to help - just not sure what, when and how to do it.

Absolutely, pick up the phone and call everyone you know. Tell them you are having a moving party and need their help. Don't leave it open ended. Say could you be here Sat. morning or Fri evening or whatever. If they can't make it then, they may say not Fri but how about Sunday.

I am healthy, just old. And everybody that walks near me is recruited to take something up or down the steps.

I don't think you are shy. Just do it.

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Well Ginny beat me to the moving party idea. I was going to say send out a mass invitation that you're providing pizza and beer or whatever for anyone that has an hour or two to help you move. MAKE SURE you invite the people across the street that want in the house!

Now..my mom had to move two years ago and I was amazed how cheap it was. She was moved for around $200.00. So if all else fails, take the little stuff and hire movers.

Good luck!

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If you are close to a university (High school) or anything like thing put a couple of posters. I'm close to Penn State and I just advertised for some moving help. I just noted in the poster as one day with the large items and boxes in and out of the truck... I got some nice university students, cheap. Gosh they have bunches or energy.... I had the stuff boxed and pretty much ready to go but they really did help.

Otherwise I'd go with the moving party. I agree people really do like to do something if they are asked. I'd give 'em a call. Hey.. if your willing to supply pizza and beer I may be able to make a road trip :)

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Many people disappear, after saying, "If there is anything you need...lemme know". But I'll bet you still have a sense of who might show and who might not....so sure, call 'em up and ask them to your "packing up to move party". Pizza and beer is a great idea....to be served WHEN THE PLACE IS PACKED UP....right? :wink: Not before!

Wish some of us were closer too...we'd come help. I do think a lot of people sincerely would like to help out in some way and MEAN IT when they say it...but for some reason, they don't stay in touch very well in the meantime. Hard to know why.

Hope you can get a good crew together. And do tell them to go easy when they pack up the bar stuff...eh? Some of us here count on there always being a ready supply of Bud Lite, Margarita mix and limes! :D

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Do you think they would help if they knew they could get into the house sooner? Cindi I wish I was closer to help you. Also call all those people who offered to help. It's worth a try. I never offer unless I know I can make good. I have done alot of babysitting and store shopping for sick friends. How about a small moving service.? Is everything going directly to the new place? Just some thoughts. Let me know.

Hugs, prayers and good vibes coming your way...Rachel

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