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How Did You Find LC Survivors For Change


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My daughter interviewed me for a biology paper she was working on about

lung cancer, and kept telling me how lucky I was to still be around because the survival rates for LC are so grim. For 25 years, I had never given it a second thought; I hadn't even known, or spoken to anyone else that was an LC survivor, let alone someone with one lung. So, we had just gotten our computer a week earlier, and this was going to be my very first foray to the WWW. And there it was - second thing I clicked on - LCSC!!. I could hardly believe it! I counted six or seven people that had had lungs removed, and a bunch more with lobectomies. There was "Just Rich", and "Bob Mc", and Ellen Lilja, and a woman, Connie something, who had been around longer than them all. I thought this was WAY COOL,

and after reading the posts for about two weeks, and feeling like I had found that long lost family member, I responded with my first post; Connie called for survival stories. After that, it was such a good feeling that I could answer peoples questions about getting on with their lives after surgery, and staying positive and using exercise to help recoup. I had found a WONDERFUL extended family!!!

David P.

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I almost forgot to tell about me.

I found this site a little late to help with my mom but I have also found great comfort here. I pray for a cure and for more survivors each day.

I found this site though CDarlyn (a member here) who had posted her own website address on ACS message board. That was my only resource of support when I was going through things with mom. I was pretty pitiful with the members replies and the knowledge they had to offer. I will be forever greatful to CDarlyn for the link she gave to this site.

I had only posted on a message board with the Olympics so I didn't know what to look for. I was in a state of desperation and when I heard on TV that the American Cancer Society had a website. I think that it will be interesting to see how others found this site. There is such valuable information and support here that I don't want others to find you too late like I did. Many, Many, Thanks to the developers of this site for your time, your talents and your consideration.

HUGS, Shelly

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After my diagnosis on 2/14/03. that is after the shock and numbness wore off and I was able to focus I started searching the web for info about SCLC, the results were horrifying and very grim. I was actually planning my funeral, if I believed the sites I went to I should be dead by now, they quoted anywhere from 3 months to 1 year with one year being the exception. I kept searching to find stories about real people who were still surviving and after pages and pages of searching I found this site, thank you God! Real people who were still alive, I could NOT believe it. From then on I was totally hooked, checked the boards several times a day and still do!

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What a great question! I had found a group on Yahoo for Lung Cancer Survivors when I found out that I was going to have surgery in June. The only problem was that there were not really any survivors on there... just families of people who had died from Lung Cancer (I realize that families are survivors also, but at the time I was looking for someone who had beat this disease or at least was working at it!). I told my friend at work...well..stick a fork in me, I'm done...there's a Lung Cancer Survivor Board but there arent any friggin survivors!!! :shock:

Luckily, one of the members there sent me the link to this site when I posted something on there about the lack of ummm survivors. I wish I could remember who it was...I am extremely grateful to them. When I came here I was shocked at all the people posting!! I still "belong" to the Yahoo group although I don't go there often but have given out this link to others there.


Age 46

NSCLC-Stage 1a

Surgery June 16, 2003- upper and mid lobe removed, right lung

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