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My mom's surgery for the anyerusm is tomorrow...


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Sending all my prayers for tomorrow for your mom and her procedure. I'm sure everything will be ok, but am sending positive thoughts and prayers anyway for you whole family.

Many hugs


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Dear Andrea and Mom,

First I'm sending loving hugs to you both, and give one to dad also!

I know your in knots and rightfully so. But please know I will be saying lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots, (okay you get it) of prayers for mom.

Stay strong my dear, and make sure you give mom some of your strength tomorrow. Give her all the strength you can mustar up, and once she's out of sight, you can fall apart. I know you'll do your best cause that's who you are! ((((ANDREA)))))

We're here for YOU!

Love to you, mom, and dad,


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Everyone here is hoping for the best for you and your mother and whole family. We are all praying up a storm as well.

If you remember your worries about the house starting bad vibes - well, tomorrow will be just the beginning of so many wonderful times for all of you. I am believing with you that all will be fine.

Let us know when you can how everything is. We'll be waiting to hear.


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