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Free Transfusions for all

cindi o'h

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That's right!

You heard me right.. In honor of Addie's one year since diagnosis the pub is open for transfusions on the house.

Addie says they are yummy... I have no doubt! Addie is going to show me her way of transfusion..grape juice, Vanilla vodka, and (?) what else goes in these things, Addie?

Get your Addie party hats ready...(that's a lampshade :D ) and we shall have another great time roasting and toasting this champion of champions. Oh. And, say, Addie...wouldja mind bringing that friend of yours who cut your hair? He looks like such a sweet guy...

Party on, everyone. Today is Addie's big day!

love, Cindi o'h

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Don't know exactly what a transfusion is, but it certainly sounds interesting. Addie will have to give us all the ingredients.

I am still hung up on that orgasma from Tiny, I could use a couple of them. :wink:

Addie this to you.... many many more anniversaries!!



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...SPLASH OF GINGER ALE, CINDI!! The missing ingredient. There's not a lot of carbonation in grape juice, ya know? :wink:

Transfusions in the East....Vodka Coolers in the West. If you drink more than THREE transfusions....then you gotta call the CONfusions! :D

And a virgin Margarita means no tequila in it. By the way...many years ago, a friend gave me a teeshirt that said, in big block letters:


Below that, in tiny letters it said:

  • !This is a very old teeshirt

:lol: I still have the shirt...should I put it on with my lampshade?

Went down to the golf club today for lunch and to celebrate. Had so much fun yakking with everyone I came home and needed a nap! :roll:

Who has a roll of quarters...it's time to get the jukebox going, isn't it?

(Hey Ginny...good work on the knitting. It's relaxing, eh? My latest is a frog hat and sweater...wanna see?


I even foung a frog toy to go with the sweater and cap!)

I'm off to the jukebox....thanks for the party, Cin!

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Hope everyone is having a great time at Cindi's pub tonight! I am having a blast! Already have had too many of whatever no one else wanted to drink!!!!

AND I have a GREAT idea! How about for the next celebration we get Addie to make us all FROG hats!?!?!?!? Wouldn't that just be the best hoot ever?

Congratulations to all the celebrants for their good news. Hope there's more of comin' at us soon!


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Okay Addie.

Got a big ole belly laugh out of your Tee shirt...good one.

I got a tee shirt for my graduation that said, "It isn't pretty being easy." (too true...those were the good old days..hehehe)

I really get a kick out of our sober friends who don't mind coming to watch all of our foolishess. I have a feeling that they will be driving a few home tonight and I don't mean golf balls....more like goof balls.

And howdaya like that little Kasey joining in after all of her wallflower days...she bellies right up and gets us started!

Cute sweater and hat! I found my knitting needles when I was sorting through the basement...like finding old toys. Also found some beautiful yarn that has desires to be something.

Jukebox.. let's see. Lucy in Disguise? Red Rubber Ball? Jailhouse Rock? Louie Louie?

Cindi o'h

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