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MRI of Brain OK

Fay A.

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MRI shows Meningioma still there, but stable. No other lesions found.

My Primary Care Doc is ordering some additional studies, because both he and I know something isn't right. I thank God every day that this guy took me on as a patient. He's a huge part of why I am still alive.

But for the time being I'll just have to deal with the Killer Headache.

The good news is there wasn't a lot of growth on the Meningioma, and there are apparently no mets from the cancer.

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Hi Fay, Thank God it it not the meningioma and no lesions were found. You must be so relived for that.

However, I hope they find out soon the cause of your killer headaches. I hate to hear you are in so much pain.

Keep us posted..


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Dear Fay,

So sorry to hear that your empty head is hurting. That's no fun at all. Are you getting any pain meds that are giving you some relief until you get the puzzled solved?

Headaches is one of the few things I almost never get. I can probably count on my 10 fingers the number of headaches I've had in my whole life, but the few that I have had have been no fun. Hang in there!

Love and hugs,


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My Primary Care Doc is ordering some additional studies, because both he and I know something isn't right.

Uh, Fay, from one weird duck to another, is something not being right really NEW?? :wink:

I'm glad to hear there isn't some goonie thing like "Digger the Dermatophyte" (the guy from the toenail fungus commercials, for those of you that haven't had the good fortune to be grossed out by him) hanging out in your head. May it all just be the "quirk" that makes you so endearing to the rest of us.



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You had me running to Google to look up that Menin thing. This is good news. Now let these drs. find the cause and solution to those headaches.

Earl had bad headaches all of his life. The dr. finally gave him an Rx for one of those drugs that you take the second you feel the headache coming on. More often than not, it stopped the headache before it took hold. Maybe that could help you, I hope anyway.

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I thought I had replied to this Fay. Sorry!!!!! Guess my brain is having some of its own problems.

Don't we all thank God when there is someone in the medical field who actually is an active participant in helping us!!!! I have a doc like that too.

Glad all was as good as it was. No mets - sounds wonderful to my ears. We all just have to keep moving along in the right direction - no matter how slow. Let's just keep the right direction. Seems like you are, Fay.

Anyhow, glad to hear your news, Fay. Sorry I am late with the congrats.


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I'm so glad that nothing "nasty" was found on your MRI. But sorry that you still are not able to do anything about your headaches. Sounds like you have a good doctor looking after you and hopefully, he will find the "solveable? or solvable?" problem soon and deal with it.

Gail p-m

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I'm so glad you're (mostly) empty-headed :wink: ...but dang, wish they'd found a reason for the headaches. I like that your doc is ordering more studies/tests to try to find the cause, though. We like a determined doctor....right?

Hope you're feeling better soon and your nogging quits giving you fits.

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