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Birthday Number 52


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Well, I made it to 52. I was abit worried about it, but it came true! Gonna celebrate today! Thank you all for your positive vibes which help me tremedously, Thanks to my wonderful hubby and doctor and God, of course.

How old is 52? Well, I saw the Rolling Stones in concert at the Appolo Theatre in NYC in 1965 and it cost me $5.00. They just announced their next tour where the cost of tickets runs from $63 to $463. Boy, I'm old!


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Happy Birthday! It is wonderful to turn 52! It is something that I aspire to do. Live it up today, girlfriend. I would love to party with you however you would like to do it. I raise my glass of rotgut to you in honor of many more birthdays!

love, Cindi o'h

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Happy Birthday, you "youngster"!! :D Somehow, each year is a bit sweeter when cancer is/has been part of one's life...huh? But...at just 52, well....you've got a ways to go before you're old, girl, whether or not you remember Jagger the first time around! :wink:

Keep on piling up those birthdays and one of these days you'll catch up to me....HAH! 8)

Congrats and enjoy your day!!

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Happy Birthday!!!!! How great is that????? I'm right behind you girl, I have the big 5-0 coming up later this year, and I'm thrilled, let me tell you!

My Rolling Stones story was the Bridges over Babylon tour in 1998 (I think). We saw them at Soldier Field in Chicago. Great show, almost froze to death on a cold night with the wind whipping in our faces off Lake Michigan, but it was great.

Have a great day Joanie, and I wish you many, many more!


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Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! 52 is MARVALOUS! I should know, I'm already here!!! :wink: I'll be heading to 53 in a few months, and I'll let you know how that fits on me as well. 10 years ago, when this journey of mine started I didn't think I would see 44 let alone 52!!! It's WONDERFUL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

ENJOY and go have yourself a PARTY!

Love & Hugs,


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Celebrate your day, Joanie! Make it a memorable one to remember for MANY years to come - maybe that you shared it with all of us. I used to dread "old" - now it sounds pretty darn good! When faced with the possibility of not GETTINNG old it takes on a whole different perspective, doesn't it? So now I plan to CHERISH the years as opposed to complaining about them.

HAPPY B-DAY, Joanie. My wish is for MANY, MANY more!


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Happy Birthday Joanie!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day! The Stones in '65??? What's a 12 yr old doing at the Apollo Theatre? :) I had to wait until 14 to go to my 1st concert. But it was the Beatles. Sigh..... time sure goes by, doesn't it? Incidently, 52 was a great year for me. As it will be for you.


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