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You call this "good" news?


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Well, yes. Had to bribe the Onc. yesterday to not send me across the street to the psych hospital when I showed her a big smile as she read my results.

First things first.

Biopsy confirmed SCLC mets to my liver - about 3 "tiny" spots, meaning (in her words) that we're not talking about big tumors or masses here, just a few little spots. The largest has to stretch to be 3cm. They are also quite new. Ultrasound says that I have good flow through my portal vein, even though there is a spot that shows some gunk. Will just watch this for any change, but no blood thinners for now.

So, why the big smile? I bet most, if not all of you know that. Because it was not the worst case scenario coming true -- it was not new liver cancer, it was not new pancreatic cancer spread to the liver. It was the same beastie I've been after for almost a year now, trying to gain a foothold in my liver. Ain't gonna happen as long as we can smack it down with some good drugs.

Next week, I start in a study for the FDA with the new Topotecan in oral form. Topotecan IV has been around a long time, and they finally developed it in oral form (pills). They were *this close* to FDA approval, then made a minor change to the pill, so the FDA wants a study to show that the "old" drug is as good as or better than the "new" drug.

I'll start next week on the "new" drug, then a week later with the "old" one, and will have 5 days of pills, a week off, then 5 days of pills, week off, etc. For how long, I don't know yet -- will find all that out next week. They will scan in the middle of it, and check my progress.

The Onc. and research staff says Topotecan produces "amazing" results, and the pill is no different -- even better in some cases, because it stays in your system longer. The best thing as far as I'm concerned is that I will NOT have to have a port - yay!

They both felt like I'd not have a problem with this, since I tolerated the Carbo/Etoposide so well the first time around. The thing to watch is the blood counts, and I'll be having that checked at least weekly whether I'm taking the pills or not.

So, I was already starting to feel much better after my gallbladder episode, just a little better every day, and I took this as GOOD news, because I'd been so sick I just couldn't get past the thought that it might be a new liver and/or pancreatic cancer.

I'm eager and ready to get started on the Topotecan next week, and to help out with this study. To steal a phrase: Let's roll!


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Di....Topo works~~as we've already discussed. And it's gonna work for you too. So glad this was caught pretty early. I really think mine was too...yet I had quite a bit in the pancreas and 4 liver tumors by the time I started on Topo.

It will be interesting to hear if there are any differences in the oral vs IV...and how you do on it. I'll be trackin' you, girl! :wink:

And yeah...I think I do understand how you feel. Took me a couple of days to get there..but it coulda been "woise" as the Stooges used to say! :)

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Hi Dianne,

That is great news, and now you can look foward to trying this new drug and hopefully it will work for you. I have a feeling you are going to get some positive results!!

Again, Iam so glad for you, that must be a load off your mind. Yessssssss!!

Sending prayers your way.


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