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Thank you for prayers for Brian, please continue them


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5/10/05 scans show no further reduction in lung or liver tumors resulting from last 2 rounds of Cisplatin/VP 16. Course of further treatment will be determined on 5/25/05 as onc evaluates Brian's bloodwork and stamina.

Please continue prayers for us and know that we find strength in your support.

Brian says: "like Rich, my attitude remains good and my determination unwavering".

Thank you for being here for us.


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Hopefully the next chemo will do the trick. We also went through one of the chemo's not doing anything to the tumor...but the next one did. I am hoping the same will happen for Brian, in fact I am sure it will. I am glad his attitude and spirts are good.

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Dear Pat and Brian,

I understand that Cisplatin is one of the tougher chemos to get through, and if it isn't helping, did the onc suggest switching to something else?

Don't you worry - this board is here for both of you. I love to read your sweet, tender and loving posts to others, and I also love the way you express your appreciation.

I'm sure God loves you both very much!



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Thinking of you Brian and Pat and sending prayers your way. I know the doc. will find something that will work for Brian.

Just hang in there, and keep us posted like you have been doing. You are a God sent to him. He is so lucky to have you as you are to have him. You seem like such a great couple.

Praying they find the right mixture and Brian will get well soon.

Please take care :wink:


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Chemo is so tough...things seem to get worse before they get better. I know you will take great care of Brian to help him get through it.

Don't be afraid to press the onc. for answers. Make sure s/he knows you want agressive treatment and won't settle for an "oh, well" attitude.

Still keeping you in my prayers.

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