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unsucessful with tarceva- where to go for a second opinion


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Unfortunately the tarceva was not as successful as we have hoped and my fathers onc has taken him off of it. They are considering putting him on iressa but apparently they are very similar and if one didn't work the other likely won't either. We are from Canada and are considering coming to the states for a second opinon. Has anyone had any success at sloan kettering, or any hospitals in buffalo?

3 treatments have failed, so we are willing to try anything!!!! He is stage iv nsclc with met to bones, brain, adrenal.

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Our oncologist told us that if the Tarceva stopped working, the next option would be Alimta. Maybe you could ask about that. I would think Sloan Kettering would be a good choice for a second opinion. Good Luck!

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I have had all my treatments at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. As you can see by my BIO below, started with Gemzar/Carbo, Iressa, Tarceva and will get my 6th Alimta in two weeks. My primary tumor is about 30 percent smaller than when I started over a year ago and the pleural effusion has reduced significantly and is stable.

I have great confidence in RPCI and would not hesitate to recommend them for a second opinion.


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Yes Roswell should be a good place. Roswell is a designated center by the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Of course Sloan Kettering has a great reputation, but is seems as if it may be a farther distance from you.

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