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Leg still a problem/some good news

Cindy RN

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Well after 7 days of IV antibiotics my R leg from the calf down to my toes is so swollen I do not have a shoe to fit it. I am going to put on one of the elastic stockings on it in the morning when I get up to see if that will help the swelling. I think the pain is really from the swelling pulling on the staples at the incision site. I guess I am just SICK of this.

I have to take my dad to the Dr tomorrow morning-he has been coughing alot and is short of breath. I had called a few days ago to get him in and they went ahead and ordered a CXR so they could see it before he is seen on Thur. I will have the Dr look at the foot while I am there. It really looks better-just the darned swelling. I really hope his CXR just shows an upper resp problem. He is 69 and has smoked since he was about 13. I don't even allow myself to think of what this be. :cry::cry::cry:

I am glad to see so much good news on here lately--

I have some!!

My 25 yo daughter-who STILL lives at home got a job as a counselor for a sexually abused childrens home in Terre Haute, IN. It is located at the Gibault School for boys. This is the same school Charles Manson attended when he was young. Not a model student HA!!! She is really excited and this is the type of work she has been trying to get into.

Thanks for listening, I feel like I have griped enough.

Love to all, Cindy

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Can't be fun with that swollen leg pushing against the staples, Cin :( ....so I sure hope the doc can figure out how to reduce the swelling. Makes me "ouch" just to think of it. :?

I'll be holding good thoughts for your dad too...so please come back and let us how how you both are doing...ok?

Hang in there....

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