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Mother's Day


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Well, I made it through Mother's Day. I think it was harder than X-mas. I worked a 12 hr. shift that day, so I kept busy. I thought of mom every moment. Every gift I saw I thought mom would really like that. I took a triple chocolate cake into work that morning for all the moms in our dept. If I couldn't give my mom a Mother's Day gift, then I would give to everyone else. There was a special little 80 yr. old lady up on 4th floor who had broke her hip, and her children weren't around, anyways we started talking about cakes Saturday and I told her I would bring her something in. I brought her a BIG piece of that cake up and wished her a Happy Mother's Day, and her eyes were as big as marbles! I left and checked on her later and she had ate her cake, she said she even licked the plate :) At that time while I said good-bye I could almost feel my mom's hug and her saying, " that was a wonderful present you gave her and me". She was always DOING for others.

Later that night, when I got home, I was so caught up in missing mom, that I forgot that I too am a mom and Nicolas was waiting at the door with my present in hand. A hand made card that said I Love You in his handwriting and a verse inside next to a thumb print flower, it said.

This little flower is special, you see.

Because it was made from a part of me.

My painted thumb made each flower part

To show I love you with all my heart!

I read that and started to cry, It was the best present I have ever gotten in the 6 short yrs. of being a mother!

It turned out to be a really great Mother's Day after all.

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Kim, thanks for sharing your mothers day with us. What started off to be a dreadful day for you, certainly turned around.

I could picuture you reading that adorable card from your son, and seeing tears run down your face.

What a great day, and I am sure you mom was smiling down on you also.

Peace be with you,


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