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Scans tomorrow, would appreciate some prayers


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Hi all,

Tomorrow I go in for my MRI of the head and chest CT, bloodwork and X-ray. I have a strong feeling it's not going to be good news as my symptoms have increased daily. My last scan was 6 weeks ago with some suspisious looking "fluff" and this is to confirm their thinking of whether it is progression or scar tissue.

I'll have to admit, I'm nervous about this one.....

Thank you all for your support!


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Oh, TAnn,

Please feel us hugging you and holding your hand.

We are offering prayer and support.

It is so hard............all these scary waiting times..............it is just so hard.

The wonderful thing is that not one of us is alone.

We are here and we care.


Pat and Bri

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Oh TAnn,

I can feel the trepidation in your post. And I feel it too with you. Don't you just wish that when you needed a scan, you could just GO, get it DONE, and get the RESULTS so you could just deal with it. This waiting for the appointment, then waiting for the results stinks big time, I think.

Now, my gripe out of the way, I so hope the fluff is just scar tissue or SOMETHING other than what we don't want to think about. You bet - my prayers are put into high gear! Some have been said already. I am so wishing, hoping, and praying for a good outcome.


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I'm hanging onto just GOOD thoughts for you TAnn...that that "fluff" is scar tissue and your scans will be good news.

Lots of hands here to hold...so you won't be going thru this alone or waiting for results alone! I know you're younger than me....but my last two brain MRIs showed some little stuff here and there too...and the report had comments made in "radiologist-speak" that I wasn't too sure were GOOD things. My onc told me, "Nothing to worry about. All age related stuff!" :?

Perhaps it will be the same for you, hon. Sometimes, I'd rather hear I'm getting old and things are wearing out...even my brain, than think it's something sinister. :wink:

Do let us know when you get your results.

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Hi Tann,

Thinking of you and praying everything will come out alright tomorrow. Please don't worry at it just might turn out just some scarring or something.

Prayers going out to you Tann.

You have been here for everyone, now we are here for you with prayers...


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