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WBR, Stereotactic Surgery, now Brain Surgery?


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Has anyone had stereotactic brain surgery, then had to have regular surgery? My husband's brain mets were treated first with WBR, but one continued growing. Then they did Stereotactic surgery on it. First MRI showed it shrinking and swelling gone. Then dizziness started and headaches. 2 months after the MRI, they did another one and swelling has returned and they think possibly the tumor is growing. Will compare scans and talk with neurologist, but if it is, next step is surgery. Any input on this? Thanks.

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I am not a Dr but it sounds pretty good in a sense. The Drs still want to perform surgery so hopefully the tumor is all dead and they can remove the dead tumor or if there is anything there the brain surgery will remove any tumor.

It sounds good that tumor is operable and can be removed versus being un-resectable

Good luck

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Thank you all for the input and prayers. We'll find out more next week. This tumor is very close to the control center of the brain which is why they decided to try the stereotactic radiosurgery the first time around. Obviously we hope they don't have to operate but the tumor or swelling is affecting his ability to do things. Will update when I know more and have a minute to myself. Prayers to all.

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