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I'm losing my mind over this!!!


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We saw the oncologist today and this is what he told us.....They see 40 or more people today at the James Cancer Center in Columbus OHio and they have never seened anyone have fever and night sweats with adenocarcinoma...So they have order a bone biopsy for monday Morning at 8:30am and then they are doing chem and radiation....one week of chemo with radiation then weeks of radiation alone 5 days a week, and the last week with radiation or chemo...Chemo combo will be etoposide and cisplatin.

This is what we were told:

He either has lymphona and it has metastasized to the lung (which is what they thought he had was lung cancer, which was removed May 20, 2003)

Or he has nsclc which has mestastasized to the nodes, in which case he is the first case they have seened with his symptoms of fever and profuse night and day sweats..

or he has 2 types of cancer???????????????? Lymphona and NSCLC..

They are having his pathology slides sent over to them, so they can review them theirselves... and the bone marrow biopsy which is on Monday along with chemo and radiation...(they said the chemo alone would take 6 hours) They said that the slides and the bone morrow biopsy would help them determine what he actually has. The cardiothroaic surgeon is the one that made this dx in May of nsclc, with grant hospital.

Does anyone know anything about the chemo drugs he will be having????????? or has anyone had anything like this happen ????

How the hell can they not know what he has??? I'm so dang confused and upset. I'm not sure what I want to hear. They wouldn't or couldn't even give him a stage until they find out whats going on... I'm feel like my whole world is caving in!!!!!! He's handling all of this so good, and I"m trying!!!

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I don't know exactly what your Dr. is telling your boyfriend, but my father was diagnosed with Stage 3 adenocarcinoma and fever and night sweats were one of his main symptoms. We were told this was pretty typical for this cancer. It's the body's way of trying to fight this foreign thing off.

I do not know about the chemo drugs you mentioned, but my dad is recently doing chemo and I am just starting to research that aspect of this cancer.

Lots of luck. I know how it feels to think you're losing your mind. Hang in there.


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Thanks alot I appreciate your reply... I don't really know what I'm hoping for.... but I haven't heard this from anyone else, I'm gonna print this post from you out and take it out to my s/o and let him read it... godd luck and thanks

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4 years ago my father was first diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma. He presented with swollen mediastinal nodes and a lung tumor. The biopsy showed it was lymphoma not lung cancer. Two years ago when he relapsed it presented the same way and he was relapsing with lymphoma. This May he had a lung tumor and swollen node but it is lung cancer. But this time the tumor showed up first then the node later. The first time he had lymphoma he did have one episode of night sweats, but no fever.

What happened at the biopsy? Have nodes been biopsied? That will show if they are malignant which cell they are carrying - lymphoma or lung cancer. Theres no other way to tell conclusively.

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The oncologist we are going to at the James Cancer Center, did not make the original dx.... The cardiothroaic surgeon, along with grant hospitals pathology department made his dx in May. So thats why the Oncologist wants to see the actual pathology slides himself, and is doing the bone morrow biopsy. He wants to make that call himself now, or is double checking their work.

I just wonder if they'd done this pet scan from day 1, maybe they would have found these swollen lymph nodes.. Maybe they were there all along???? If so this sucks!! They just have to go to down the list for insurance purposes. Guess our value of life doesn't matter much to them!!!

Now we also wish from the moment we heard that he had a large mass in his upper right lobe that we had just gone to the James Cancer Center...But no we listened to others and ended up at Grant hospital with a carothroaic surgeon, not that he wasn't good, he was, but maybe we wouldn't be gone through all of this stuff now. Maybe someone would have checked him for other things then...

we are going back to the James today to see the Radiation Oncologist..and find out more about the radiation..and to get his tatoos as they call them..Well I'm gonna go lay back down, I only got 3 hours sleep, Darrell woke up having bad chills, teeth chattering so hard... He went and layed on the couch after putting on sweats and a winter coat, I then put 2 heavy blankets on him doubled over...His fever was almost 102... It usually stays around 100. 3 ... One minute he will be freezing and the next he will be stripped down to nothing but boxers, and the central air will be turned down, cause hes burning up...Now he will wake up and be drenched....I will be so glad when they start treatment for him, they said it should take the fevers and night sweats away..

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