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Cancer runs in my family!!!


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I basically got to this site because of my sister. But, first things first...

I, myself, am a breast cancer survivor of 3 years now :lol:

My grandfather died of lung cancer 30 years ago and his twin brother followed suit shortly thereafter of throat cancer (both smokers).

My mother and father died within 2 year of each other from lung cancer that went to the brain (both smokers).

Now, my 44 year old sister is battling the same thing (still smoking).

I am freaked out now. I'm reading very scary statistics (that include second hand smoke, and I've been in the food service industry my whole life) :shock: . I only smoked 10 years, I quit when I had the breast cancer.

Thanks for listening to my rant :P !!!


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I'm new here as well. Father was dx with NSCLC Stage IV and I too was searching for statistics and answers. I am finding comfort here and I hope that you do as well. I guess I just decided that it was best to go straight to the ones dealing with similar issues than to continue researching statistics that are very black and white -- never really giving the entire story.

I wish that I could give you the answers that you are looking for but I guess that I just wanted to say that I am here if you need to rant at anytime! I only have one mouth to speak with but God gave me 2 ears for listening!


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Hi Sis!

Good to see you have joined the group! Hey everyone, this is really my big sister! I hope you find as much cumfort & support from this site as I have. I don't post near as often as I used to dut I try to hop in as much as I can. See you Sunday.

Much love & prayers,


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Hi Gayle, Welcome!!! Melanie has been such a wonderful supportive person here. She is such an inspirition to us as we are sure she is to her family. She is very brave.

So Glad you posted.

I am so sorry to hear that so many people in your family has had that horrible desease. But congrats to you being a breast cancer survivor. Thats wonderful.

With your family history of LC maybe you should get CTs taken. I don't think that Xrays will show early detection. Of course I am not saying you will develope it, but you should get a CT just for a precaution. Since you are a Brest cancer survivor, do you get regular CTs for that? I am not familar with the process of BC.

Anyway, Gale, thanks for posting and welcome here. We can always use all the support we can get, and we give back all we can.

Take care,


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Hi Gale and welcome!

I am so very fond of your little sister. She is a remarkable woman who sees much that is missed by so many others.

I hear your concern regarding occurrence of cancer in your family tree. So sorry you have had yours to deal with at such a young age. Even though cancer also runs in my family, I was deluded into thinking that lung cancer affected males and very few women. After my own diagnosis, did I become educated regarding lung cancer.

It sounds as if the reason that you are here is to be more proactive in preventing lung cancer in your own body. I salute you in your efforts. It is far better to prevent it than to try to eliminate it once it has taken a foothold.

I have asked some questions regarding diet and it seems as if members of the cabbage family have lung cancer preventive capabilities. Broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc.

Also, it seems as if there is some evidence that selenium supplements may be beneficial in reducing the risks of lc.

Again. Hope to see more posts from you. And so glad that you found us and will be coming for support for Melanie and yourself. We just love her!

Cindi o'h

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Welcome, Gail,

Even if cancer runs in your family.........it is a wonderful family..........we can tell by the way you and Melanie R are............

I understand your fear.......I have no advice only love and support and prayers.


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Welcome Gale. No one else in my family had lung cancer that I know of but my sister has had breast cancer and bothe my grandmothers died of breast cancer. They say some kind of cancer hits a high proportion of us. Welcome to our family . I pray your sister responds to therapy well. What kind of lung cancer does she have? ( Small Cell or Non small Cell). Again hope we can help, keep us posted. Donna G

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