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Relay for life....it hurt tonight.


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Sorry about your day, not what you did but

the question you were asked.

When we were together, Mike and I, we were very

often asked questions because we both had cancer

all we replied, was '' We live and now living

is all you need to get cancer''.

Hope you will feel better soon.



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I would say...

" WOW, I hate to think what you ask the breast cancer survivors or the cervical or prostate cancer survivors..... :shock: There are many reasons people get lung cancer. No, I am not a smoker, and yes- you're at risk too!"

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Hi Nina,

I have been asked that the same question a zillion times since my husband was first dx. I work in a Dr. office and this past year we had a flu vaccine shortage so we only had about 50 doses to give out so we called the patients of ours that were the sickest. Those with lung disease of any kind, ect..

I ran into another of our patients and told him we only had a few and were giving it to the sickest first with lung dx and he had the nerve to say to me that it was a shame that the people who caused thier illness's were the first to recieve the vaccine. I was so furious!! This man also knew my husband had lung ca. I happened to know that he had heart disease so I asked him if he caused his condition by eating to many cheeseburgers. I just couldn't beleve the callousness of his remarks.

I am sorry you were hurt. Lot of ignorance out there isn't there?

I did not know about the ACS!! I will stop supporting them immediatley.


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Hi, Nina,

Sorry to be so late in responding. If I believe the person asking such an inappropriate question is being deliberately unkind then I respond with "So, do you ask those diagnosed with Cervical or Penis Cancer at what age they started sleeping around with lots of people?" It's a pretty preposterous question, because you don't have to sleep around to end up with cervical cancer or penis cancer. There are cases not related to exposure to Human Papilloma Virus. But most cervical and penis cancers are caused by HPV.

If the one asking the question appears to be just parroting a question that they have heard asked before in the mindless way people do sometimes, then I try to explain as nicely as I can some of the facts about Lung Cancer.

I'm sorry that you were hurt by this, Nina. It IS a hurtful thing. I hope that folks like us will be able to change the way Society views those with Lung Cancer.

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All of you have been so kind to respond to my post. I appreciate the support very much and have decided NOT to let it ruin another minute. I will not let those that know no better speak to me as though I have done something wrong. Well, they may speak to me that way but I have made up my mind not to let it bother me any more. Thanks again for all the responses.


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Okay-I'm getting on the band wagon about ACS. First of all the fricking money that is donated to this organization and a cure is never found? Please-enlighten me as to where this money goes?? And also-why is the only info we get from that organization only info about "possible medication to shrink tumors or reduce tumor spreading"???

When you stop and look at the whole picture--there will probably NEVER be a cancer cure. Why?? Well--there are alot of jobs, people, etc that would be effected--ESP the drug companies!!!Think of the labs,oncologists,chemists, etc that would be effected. Do you think at $16,000 a month for my husband's chemo that they would really want to find an everlasting cure for this disease!!! I am a nurse and work in a surgical clinic--we see how closely the drug companies and the doctors work together. Drug companies give out a lot of free "gifts" to the docs that use their products. And of course this is passed on to the patient

who has to pay enormous amounts of money for his drugs to treat his disease, and money for the meds to treat the side effects. My husband just got out of the hospital--he had a script for Zofran for nausea--when I went to the pharmacy he told me 3(three) pills were $156.00---he insisted I call the doctor and get samples of this med. As he stated they get them free. And that is exactly what I did. I have a very bad taste for the American Cancer Society. I think there can be so much more spend on lung cancer and in general I am very mistrusting of the organization.

I feel very bad for you Nina--but please don't let ignorant people upset your day. The ACS should be out there educating all of us about lung cancer and many other cancers. They are a poor representative of the real people out there living and fighting and dying with lung cancer. I wish you the best and hope you feel better. God bless you,Nancy C

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First, I am so sorry that you had to deal with this issue on an occasion that was so special for you.

Second, a few of my views on ACS. Dennis received the same type of response as most of you when we turned to them for help. Of course, he was a smoker but he was treated like a leper as soon as they heard the words lung cancer patient. It was almost as if they had the attitude that their funds are wasted if you have lung cancer, as they seem to think you won't survive anyway. The first time I contacted them, the woman asked me "how many months does he have"? Now, keep in mind that all I had told her was that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. ALso, it makes me very angry that they don't make it more well known about the programs they have available to help patients and their families. If a friend hadn't filled us in, I would have never known about the mileage reimbursement program or the lodging assistance program. Dennis was receiving treatment in Orlando and we would travel about 350 miles a week for his chemo and doctor visits. As I finally discovered, we were reimbursed mileage costs. I filled out a mileage form and the doctor would sign the form when complete. I would then receive a check from ACS in the mail. They also helped with lodging costs for me when he was hospitalized out of town. Granted, these programs are great but how many people ever know these services are available???

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