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New medication....

Guest spiritual

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Guest spiritual

Has anyone been taking Methadone HCL 5mg tablets (Dolophine/methhadose) for pain?


My partner is taking Tarceva and her oncologist wants her to stop taking the Tarceva to see if the Tarceva is the result she experiences numbness on the right side of her body (knee, thigh, shoulder, etc). She also has pain in the stomach as so the Hospice nurse suggested she takes Methadone along with Morphine tablets every 8 hours.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Methadone.


and prayers for all

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Guest spiritual

She was up and moving around before taking meth. She took meth. saturday and sunday and she was just out of it. Does this medicine balance adjust to the person after a few days? I mean will she be back to moving around and tending to her things or should I expect her to be sluggish from now on??


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