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Brain Surgery * update*


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Some of you may remember that my mom was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago because of infection and needing transfusions and platelets from her last round of chemo. Well when she was there the nurse was helping her to the bathroom and let go of her before she was on the toilet and mom fell into the shower and hit her head. Well the doctors looked her over and said she was fine. I could kick myself because I was going to ask shouldn't you do a x-ray or scan or something since her platelets were low, but stupid me thought the docs knew what they were doing! Not to mention they never told us anything we should be on the look out for.

So now 2 weeks later my sis calls and says mom is starting to talk funny they are taking her to the hospital, they thought she was getting dehydrated. By late afternoon I get the call that she has had a stroke and they are transferring her to another hospital. So I quickly pack and we head to Toledo. On the way we get the call that she has a clot in her brain and they are taking her in to surgery. The first thing the surgeon asked was had she hit her head recently. Well the good news is she came through the surgery and is doing pretty good. She still is having some problems when she speaks. She has a hard time finding the right words to say, but knows what she is trying to say and knows all that is going on. Also from the scans they took of her brain they did not see any cancer. We were very happy to hear that! So once again I come asking prayers.

Thanks, Millie

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So happy to har that Mmom came through the surgery and it appears to be successful. Hopefully she will continue to improve. Sorry, though, there was even a need for it :( .

Many prayers for your Mom's continued recovery.


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Thank you for the prayers! Mom is doing great! Today her speech was perfect. She still is weak but I think most of that is from the fact that she just has eaten much since she started chemo. I'm really going to push that she gets a feeding tube as we just can't convince her to eat.

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