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of Sticks and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails.


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My apologies for being away from my keyboard for awhile.

Journal Excerpt:

Tuesday, May 10th About halfway into my second cycle of chemotherapy infusion, now. I’d been carrying around survivor’s guilt so long now concerning my side effects (or, lack thereof) that I thought it best to do something about it. It was becoming difficult to hold my head up in polite chemo society when the subject of side effects came up. All the other survivors in their cute little designer knit-ware; bemoaning the fact that they simply “can’t do a thing with their hairâ€

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I love to read your journal entries. I laugh outloud. Maybe you should put your journal up for publication. It could take away those money woes quickly.

I hope your lack of side effects continue. I lost my hair and it was to me about like your "man boobs". Thank goodness it is back. Keep up the good work.


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You must be a riot to live with. I know just how you feel. I HATED it --sitting there getting chemo with 1-3 other people also getting it. It never failed they all had to oneupmanship the other with there complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to try to schedual my chemo during the 'off' hours. Once in awhile I would get a roomie who would like to kid around about the benefits of chemo.

Sounds nuts to some but there really are. People let you in the front of the line, you get those prized front row parking at all the stores. AND the one that always gets me--'You look SO good'. HA, I do have a mirror and have not gone blind from the cancer.

Ohe well, thanks for the laugh.


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You have a great sense of humor, though I suspect you know that already.

But on a serious note, my mom has developed some wicked mouth sores, too. She tried the Magic Mouthwash stuff (I think it's Lidocaine, Benadryl and Maalox) -- but her oncologist just turned her onto some new product called Gelclair that's supposed to be much better. She's gonna give it a swish tonight and I'll let you know what she thinks.

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Hi Uncle Doug,

Glad to see you positing again. I love your journals as they are so entertainment. Even though what you were going through at the time certainly was not.

I hope all is going well for you. Keep posting, you make me laugh. :D

Man-boobs. :roll::D


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