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Hi IM new here

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Ive been reading for a day all of your stories. Mine is just beggining.

I have had 5 ccestions, and a hysterectomy gone wild all on the same incison. The incision was infected, and I was left with terrible pain for the past 4yrs.

LAst July my pain changed and went up under my ribs. I complained but was just givin different pain meds.

Over the past few months my pain has been awful and IM very tired. LAst week I started to get chest pain, and went to the ER. After a chest Xray I was sent to my Primary Dr to get a CT Scan of my abdomin and CHest.

THere are marked changes in my lungs. Im 40 and a 20yr smoker. I have a cough and im bringing up blood sometimes. I also feel like Im sleeping on a pea when I sleep on my back and the rib pain is awful.

My Dr told me "It doesnt look good" ANd today (Monday when I go to pick up my referrals well talk more.

Ive been loosing weight steady for the past few months.

Im really in shock. I cant cry yet, Im just not really beleiving it.

Im lucky Im close to Jefferson and Univeersit of Penn and IM deciding witch one to call today, regaurdless of who my Dr reccomends. I think I should get the most aggressive and best Drs I can find.

I love reading your posts although not many tell about how they found out.

I have a wonderful hubby who has already been through so much with me, and he is scared t death, I think because its really sunk in with him andnot me. Hes the kindest most wonderful man Ive ever known after 20yrs our affair has not fissled one bit. He will be my rock but I also worry about him.

Love And Light to you all.

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Hi and welcome to our site. It iis unfortunate you have to be here but you will get a lot of support and advice here. ,

I just had surgery on April 20th at Fox Chase in Philadelphia and I just can't say enough about the place. Top notch and excellent care. My surgeron was Dr Walter Scott and I have been told he is one of the best lung cancer surgeons around. Right now I am cancer free and just a little sore.

Just something to think about when determining where you want to go if surgery is an option.

Good luck to you and your in my prayers. This site is just the best. SO many wonderful and caring people here. They have really gotton me through some tough times.

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So sorry to hear your distressing news. It really is a shame they did not catch it before this.

You have come to the right site as most of us have been going through what you are. You are scared and that is understandable. Lets wait to see what the results are.

I live in South Jersey, so I went to Cooper which was an excellent facility.

But I have heard so much about the Fox Chase Cancer center in the Northeast. As that is all they do is cater to Cancer patients.

Please keep us posted.

My prayers go out to you.

Also, do not get distress on stastics as so many here have beat the odds and continue to do so.

Good Luck


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Welcome! My wife found out she had lung cancer through an MRI on her upper spine. She was experiencing loss of function and then pain in her left arm and hand. The MRI revealed a tumor on her upper spine, which turned out to be a lung cancer bone met. She wound up with five bone mets and a clear lung! After chemo and radiation the first time, she has had bouts with infection and pneumonia, and more radiation and chemo. Still going after 2 1/2 years. Best to you. Don

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Welcome, sounds like you are just beginning a journey. I imagine you have many more tests and a biopsy to go through yet to find out exactly what is going on. Hope you keep us posted on their results. Donna G

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So sorry you are going through this waiting game, but I am glad you have found us here -- you will find much info and support (not to mention an abundance of HOPE!)

I too live in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. I had my first surgical consultation at Jeff, but opted to go with a surgeon at the University Penn -- Dr. Larry Kaiser. If you are a surgical candidate --he's the way to go!

I have heard WONDERFUL things about FoxChase -- specifically Dr. Corey Langer and Dr. Treat -- two of the best.

My medical oncologist (chemo doc) is Dr. James Stevenson, at The University of Penn, but he is moving to Cooper University Hospital on June 1st to head up their Lung Cancer Dept.

I see that others have given you some wonderful recommendations as well!

Take a deep breath, and be prepared to fight as you begin this journey.

My thoughts will be with you,


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Welcome. There are many of us in the Philadelphia area. Maybe somewhere along the way of your journey we may be able to offer some advice to you.

Please fill us in more on your specific circumstance when you get that information. There's LOTS of expertise on this board. That up to date info, plus all the caring and compassion you will find here, hopefully will give you needed support along the way.

Please post often so we can help!


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Welcome. Sorry you have to be here, but there is always a chance you don't. Sounds like you got a plan and are in a position to get the right kind of care. So many have to start out in total darkness, which makes it even worse. We were all scared at one time or another and have mostly accepted the challenge. Keep us posted. Good luck and God Bless.


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Hello and welcome to our support family.You will find lots of knowing and caring people here.This right now is I feel the worst part of it.Waiting and not knowing.

There is a section here called My Story and there you will find how many of the members came to be diagnosed.

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Hi and weclome to this site. I remember when I found out about my cancer, I was in shock and disbelief. That did not stop me from taking the necessary steps to deal with it. I see that you are also taking the needed steps in the midst of your shock. I hope the final results show it not to be cancer. Good luck.

Don M

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Yep; hang in there, try to keep calm while getting tests and diagnosing exactly what it is. All you can do...one step at a time...diagnose, then treatment plan...if u get anxiety, there are anti-anxiety pills..ask for some, if u need. (I still use a few after 10 mos.)

Find a good doc who gets good results, and explains things, if u havent already.

They are all different, as we are too.

K..welcome, hope you get good news. Come here for lots of help and support too. We learn more here than from anywhere, I think. Good luck...Rich B.

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