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Hello Everyone, I started reading posts several days ago. My mother was diagnosed with metasis lung cancer on April 27, 2005. She also has it in her brain, adrenal glands, liver, bones, and outside of her right breast. Lung cancer is in right lung.

My mom has been a smoker for at least 40 years. I am 39 and fixing to turn 40. She has always had a cough which we contributed to being a smokers cough. Then a couple of years ago mom started getting pneumonia about once a year. Then this year she got it 2 or 3 times. She couldn't seem to get rid of it. In November of 2004 a knot about 5cm in size appeared on her right breast. She waited to go to the doctor do to no insurance. Finally I got her into the health clinic and got some county help. They were still treating her for pneumonia. During this time I watched my mother gasping for air and the doctors saying that the pneumonia was causing it but they couldn't get it cleared up. We (brother and I) finally loaded my mom up and took her to the emergency room because she couldn't breath. Monday night we were told it was just an infection in her lungs. Tuesday morning they said no it's not an infection we want to do a lung biopsy. By tuesday afternoon we knew mom had lung cancer. Wednesday they ran a total body scan and we were told about every where else it was.

My mom was in the hospital for 4 days and when she was released the hospice care took over. They have given my mom 3 months or less to live.

Due to the lack of insurance and my mom only being 59 she basically fell through the cracks when it came to social security and medicaid. My dad had his leg removed in January of 2003 and is on a VA pension but mom didn't have anything.

It is a terrible feeling to know that your mother is dying and you don't know whether there is anyone out there who is willing to help. My mom and dad made choices in there life that they wish they could go back and change but we all make them at that time in our lives thinking that they are the best thing for us. We don't realize what kind of consequences they will have in the future.

The scariest feeling is trying to figure out how to make sure that the days that she has left are days that are not painful for her. My mother made a choice to come home with her family and live out the days she had left with as much quality as she could possibly have.

Because of some wonderful people in our area and a group called Nurses in Touch my mother is getting the care that she needs. Thanks to Apria donating the oxygen my mom needs she is able to get around and spend time with her family without gasping for air.

As far as I'm concerned my mom is the most courageous person I know. My mom takes it one day at a time and spends as much time as she can with her family and friends.

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Welcome -- from one new comer to another. Sounds to me that your mother is lucky to have you and your brother in her life. Hospice is wonderful and will give not only your mother the care that she needs but also your family the support that you all need as well.My mother is a volunteer there so I know that will do everything in their power to help you out as much as possible. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers ...

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Elonda, welcome and we take you in with open arms. Believe me-this post is a heaven. It is so good to know you can always come here for support and advice. These people are wonderful. I hope the best will come for your mother. Hospice is a great service for patients. They know how to help the family with emotional support and keep the patients comfortable. God bless you and your family,Nancy C

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Hi Elonda,

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. But you are right see certainly is a courageous women. She also has wonderful children who are there for her, and that means so much to her.

This is such a difficult for all of you. I pray you mom does not suffer and is pain free. It sounds like she is in good hands.

Peace be with you all.


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