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God(s) Bless All of You


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Journal Excerpt:

Monday, May 16 In some of my Journal entries I may have appeared flip when I talk about side-effects; wishing I had some, etc. . . . of course I don’t. I am blessed that I haven’t been given the early crosses to bear that many of you have had to endure. My third cycle of chemotherapy starts tomorrow at 8:40 am. The actual infusion of the chemicals seems to be the easiest to endure for me. It’s the waiting in between – the wondering if it will work – the prayers that work their way to an agnostic’s lips, asking for the tumors to die and just go away, to let me please have my life back again.

I am an agnostic. I have been my whole life. Actually, truth be told, I waffle between Atheist and agnostic. That is, I don’t know – but I’m absolutely certain that I’m right. Being an agnostic is easy – I really don’t know whether there is a God in His heaven, or not; but if there is, I’ll take all the help I can get. There is a story, true or not, about W. C. Fields on his deathbed being seen to read the Bible. “You’re an atheist, Bill, why all this interest in the Bible?â€

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Uncle Doug,

Thank you for the good wishes you are sending to all of us. I think you are a wonderful person. I hope for those wishes to bounce off of us and get back to you. Here are happy thoughts for your chemo. On looking at the date of your post I see I'm a bit late answering. ooops!! I still wish you well.


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